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Regional Footprint

The Center for Asia Leadership is proud to have established an expansive integrated regional network with leaders and organizations across 58 cities in 22 countries. With the establishment of its Asian regional office in October 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in collaboration with the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, one of Southeast Asia’s largest education-focused social enterprises, the Center will continue to work to become the preferred choice in educating and empowering individuals communities across all 48 countries in Asia.

Key Initiatives

Leadership Practice Arm through an experiential socio-economic, political, and cultural study tour, and community service program throughout Asia and the United States.

  • Harvard Scholars Program

  • General Public Program

  • Asia Leadership Conferences

Leadership Building Arm through training and specialized education based on the framework of knowing, doing, and being, in the realms of personal, community, and global leadership.

  • Global Change Agent Program

  • Leadership Summer School Program

  • Leadership in Development Program

Education Innovation Arm involving the research, development and dissemination of contents and pedagogical practices and its applications.

  • Acumen Publishing

  • Pedagogy Training Program

  • Creativity & Breakthrough Content Development

Our Approach