The Acumen Case Center (ACC) offers programs and contents that address the transmission-heavy, rote-based model of education prevalent in many classrooms in Asia.

ACC programs are targeted towards government officials, policy makers, professors, teachers, and administrators, who are expecting to raise their teaching capacities, create a culture for entrepreneurial and innovative teaching practices for the purpose of developing individuals that can achieve their dreams and reach their potential, and developing communities that can thrive in a competitive environment.


ACC focuses on three methods of teaching and learning: the Case Method originating from Harvard University, the Socratic Method, and the Harkness Method.


The Case Development Center will conduct research, develop and publish cases on compelling topics coming from Asia on a wide range of issues from corporate, non-profit, community development, and ethics, among others.

The Asia Case Bank will serve as a repository for these cases, making them available to secondary schools, universities, companies, and the wider public.

The Training Center will provide programs in active learning pedagogies and provide accreditation in training and teaching using these methods. These initiatives will supplement institutional efforts to prepare individuals for the needs of a creative knowledge economy as well as prepare decision makers to formulate better education policies.


Case Method Teaching: A Way Forward for Effective Pedagogy