CALI Press serves as a platform to formulate ground-breaking ideas, offer strong guiding expertise, disseminate insightful analyses, as well as offer coaching to a diverse range of audiences in Asia and beyond.

Our Center covers (a) general publications including books and reflection pieces (b) content development in which we develop and offer course books and other contents for learning and teaching both online- and offline-based (c) alumni management which serves as a platform for our alumni to receive updates, contents and training for continuous growth and development; and finally, (d) video production which includes documentaries and video-based lectures.

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Samuel H. Kim


Executive Team - Samuel H. Kim

Samuel H. Kim is the Co-founder and President of the Center for Asia Leadership, a group of international non-profit organizations that addresses public needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training and publication initiatives in the areas of public leadership, entrepreneurship and education in Asia. He currently leads the teaching team for the Asia Leadership Institute, where he teaches on the practice of negotiation, persuasion, perspective leadership, and innovation for adaptive change, and develops contents and programs that help build capacities among emerging young leaders to address and solve the challenges in Asia today.

Prior to establishing the Center in Boston and subsequently a regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in 2014 and 2015 respectively, Mr. Kim worked for 12 years in varying sectors from strategy consulting and social entrepreneurship to international development, politics and government.

Mr. Kim currently sits as board in three non-profit organizations, and holds a position at the Asia Center in Harvard University as a Research Scholar. He has published four books which he edited, and is currently in the process of writing three books on topics of Discussion Leadership, Women and Leadership in Asia and the Fundamentals to Keeping Asia Competitive

He holds LL.B., MA and MPA.

Dr Gin Chee Tong

Head of Strategy & Management

Executive Team -Dr Tong Gin Chee

Dr Gin Chee Tong is Chief of Staff, and Head of Strategy & Management. She has previously worked in corporate communications, public relations, and tertiary education.

An ardent student of the humanities, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) (Honours) in 2005, and received her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2012.

Dr Tong counts her family as her biggest supporters and sources of inspiration. When she is not at work, she can be found nose-deep in books, or traipsing halfway across the globe in search of new experiences.