Co-founders Samuel Kim and John Lim
Co-founders Samuel Kim and John Lim

Established in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2014, the Center for Asia Leadership is a group of non-profit international organizations that addresses public needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training and publication initiatives in the areas of public leadership, entrepreneurship and education in Asia. The birth of our center was sparked by the hope of connecting the vast educational resources at Harvard University with individuals and organizations in Asia who are working to address the core challenges of the 21st century.

Our mission is to assist and empower individuals, organizations, and governmental bodies to play more active and meaningful leadership roles in their communities. We strongly believe that Asia will be the driver of next opportunities for the world, and thus, seek to help Asia become better understood in the international community by helping individuals and communities in this region face its challenges, identify opportunities, and turn downsides to upsides for their own well-being, with the end goal of promoting prospects for democratic, thriving, and just, modern societies.

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In the midst of a power shift to Asia, we recognize that a responsible and engaged Asia is of critical importance to the world with respect to fostering sustainable growth, peace, and prosperity. Countries in this region increasingly face complex political, economic, and social challenges that will transform their society for good or ill.

We believe that any form of business should broaden its value creation approach by incorporating economic and societal values. In this regard, we exist to serve as a platform that supports individuals and organizations to address their leadership challenges and advance their social and economic conditions.

Promotion of Effective Leadership

Our initiatives are purposeful in addressing true causes and leadership challenges.

Constant Endeavors in Delivering Best Practices

We make ceaseless efforts in research, development, and channeling world-leading expertise that benefit communities and causes.

Longstanding Presence and Commitment

We consider our work a long-term investment and seek sustainable solutions. We derive strength from our connections around the region and understand that our collaboration spurs new thinking and creative solutions.

Trust, Accountability, and Partnership

We derive strength from our connections around the region and understand that our collaboration spurs new thinking and creative solutions.



Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF), the brainchild of Sunway Group’s Founder and Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO, is founded on the fundamental premise of giving to society.

As the largest education-focused social enterprise in Malaysia, JCF crystallizes Tan Sri Jeffrey’s vision for the future through three core guiding principles: giving to society, providing the benefit of quality education, giving in perpetuity, similar to what John Harvard did for Harvard University more than 370 years ago.

In 2014, the Center for Asia Leadership established its regional office for Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in collaboration with the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.