Executive Leadership School: Harvard’s Way of Developing a Talent

  • Executive Leadership School: Harvard’s Way of Developing a Talent

  • July 9 – 12, 2018

  • Kuching, Malaysia

  • RM3,200 per participant (limited to 40 participants)

  • Working professionals, government officials, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, with minimum 3 years of working experience.

  • +603-7491-8716 / 17

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Content Overview

Exercising “leadership” is not about being the one in charge or on the top of the hierarchy; rather it is about being the one, regardless of position, that recognizes and faces the most uncertain and critical challenges and mobilizes others to tackle them, with the intention of a brighter future and
better world.
This 5-day leadership program exposes you to varied leadership paradigms to better understand what real leadership looks like. Through a mixture of plenary sessions and interactive workshops, you will have opportunities to learn effective communication skills to engage, motivate and mobilize peers towards common goals. You will also be exposed to innovative paradigms that can add value for business growth to create sustainable development.
By the end of the program, you will acquire a holistic and well-rounded appreciation of the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset, the keys to effective communications, and how to be a good team player.


Through the program, you will:

    • Embark on a learning journey that can help you examine your values
    • Learn how to play leadership roles in your communities
    • Learn how to prepare for the leadership challenges you will face in your personal, professional and communal life
    • Be exposed to different leadership paradigms to engage and motivate stakeholders
    • Gain decision-making skills and strategic insight to drive short to long-term change and performance
Teaching Faculty

Faustino John Lim is the Co-founder and Director of International Affairs of CALI. His team developed a Harvard University student project into a full fledged leadership training and research organization that has benefited over 18,000 individuals in 22 countries through over 80 conferences and leadership programs. He also pioneered the Center’s research and publication arm, advising the interviewing agenda of over 100 minister or director-level individuals from the public and private sector, which has resulted in five published books. He also established the Asia Leadership Institute, mentoring and coaching over 30 Teaching Fellows from Harvard and Stanford Universities. A former fellow of the Harvard University Asia Center, he has worked in diverse organizations including the Embassy of Canada in Korea, and the International Crisis Group.