Professor Dean Williams

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School

Executive Team - Dean Williams

Dean Williams is Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. At the School’s Center for Public Leadership he ran the World Leaders Project – an initiative that drew lessons and insights on leadership from successful (and many unsuccessful) world leaders. He also chairs the annual Harvard executive education program, The Global Change Agent. He has worked on major change initiatives in various parts of the world. For five years he served as the Chief Advisor to the President of Madagascar, assisting in the facilitation of an innovative process of rapid national development. For two years he was the lead consultant to the government of Queensland, Australia, orchestrating a complete reform of the educational system. Formerly, he was a consultant to the Government of Brunei in upgrading its civil service. He has also served as a consultant with the Singapore’s National Productivity Board, and is the director of the Social Leadership Singapore program.

Professor Barbara Kellerman

James McGregor Burns Lecturer in Leadership Center for Public Leadership
Harvard Kennedy School

Executive Team - Barbara Kellerman

Barbara Kellerman is the James MacGregor Burns Lecturer in Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. She is the Founding Executive Director of the School’s Center for Public Leadership, serving as the Center’s Research Director from 2003 to 2006. Kellerman has held professorships at Fordham, Tufts, Fairleigh Dickinson, George Washington, Uppsala, and at both Dartmouth and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She also served as Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Fairleigh Dickinson, and as Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Professor Kellerman is the author and editor of several books, which have received numerous awards. She has often appeared on media outlets such as CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, NPR, Reuters and BBC, and has contributed articles and reviews to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and the Harvard Business Review. In both 2015 and 2016 she was ranked by Global Gurus as # 13 on the list of “World’s Top 30 Management Professionals.” In 2016, she will be given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Leadership Association.

Professor Gil Alterrovitz

Director of Biomedical Cybernetics Laboratory
Harvard Medical School

Executive Team - Professor Gil Alterovitz

Professor Gil Alterovitz is a faculty at the Harvard Medical School and Director of the School’s Biomedical Cybernetics Laboratory. A founder of several biotech companies, Professor Alterovitz is a pioneer in the research of interdisciplinary approaches that bridge engineering and medicine. His work has led him to advisory roles in the White House Precision Medicine Task Force and Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, as well as faculty roles in such institutions as MIT, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Professor Alterovitz shares his expertise on international and cross-cultural collaboration, leadership, creativity, and digital trends.

Martin Attiq

Former Director
Blackrock Inc

Executive Team - Martin Attiq

Martin Attiq is a former Director at Blackrock, Senior Advisor to the Federal Reserve of New York, Senior Advisor to the Dutch National Bank, and Senior Advisor to the Bank of Greece. A former Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Mr. Attiq is an expert in entrepreneurship and intrapraneurship, as well as crisis management, having co-founded BlackRock’s Valuation and Risk Assessment business, proving itself as a successful initiative during the Financial Crisis. Mr. Attiq provides insight on entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, and social impact.

Dr Lee Weng Keng

Chief Operating Officer of Education and Healthcare Divisions
Sunway Group

Executive Team - Dr Lee Weng Keng

Dr Lee Weng Keng graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) Degree from University of Malaya in 1974. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration from Cranfield University, United Kingdom in 1990.

In 1974, he started his career as a secondary school teacher in Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh, and subsequently gained experience in material and logistic management in UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd in 1975 before joining Texas Instruments (M) Sdn Bhd in 1977 to 1994 where he further enhanced his experience and management skills in logistic, production, operations and general business administration. He was the General Manager (M&C Operations) in Texas Instruments (M) Sdn Bhd prior to joining Sunway Group.

He joined Sunway Group as General Manager (Operations) in 1994 and was appointed Senior General Manager in 1997. He successfully achieved the turnaround of Sunway Keramo Sdn Bhd, a vitrified clay pipes business subsidiary of Sunway Berhad and built it into a high quality and profitable company.

Over the years as director, he has provided the leadership for developing the business of Sunway Education Group Sdn Bhd. He was appointed Head of Sunway Group Education and Healthcare Division in 2005 and joined the Board of Directors of Sunway Medical Centre Berhad the same year.

Onyeka Obasi

Hemisphere Frontiers Consulting LLC

Executive Team - Onyeka Obasi

Onyeka Obasi is the CEO of Hemisphere Frontier Consultancy and the Founder and President of Friends of Africa International. Ms Obasi is a security specialist whose expertise range from Climate Justice, Economic Development, Energy Security and Energy Economics to more traditional security concepts of Peace and Security such as Conflict Resolution, civil military relations and Human Rights. Ms Obasi is a foremost scholar and sought-after consultant, playing advisory roles in such institutions ranging from NGOs such as the International League for Human Rights to Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Obasi provides insight on social impact building, scalability, and operations.

Daniel Wallance

Lead Associate
Booz Allen Hamilton

Executive Team - Daniel Wallance

Daniel Wallance is an expert in technology strategy, cyber security, and systems engineering having held advisory roles at Booz Allen Hamilton, Bank of America, and BGS Investment LLC. He has served global financial institutions and leading technology companies in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Mr. Wallance has also led the early development of a boutique investment firm and its activism strategy. Mr. Wallance provides insight on strategy and international collaboration.

Umar Shavurov

Operations Officer
The World Bank Group

Executive Team - Umar Shavurov

Umar Shavurov is currently with the World Bank Group leading the advisory engagement with the Colombian Government on its business tax simplification agenda. He brings extensive experience in private and public sector development in Central Asia, West Africa, and Latin America. A Former Rotary World Peace and Mason Fellow, Mr. Shavurov, with his expertise has played a leading role in reforming over a dozen of countries according to the WBG’s flagship report Doing Business Report. Mr. Shavurov is involved in a range of education projects in his home-country Kyrgyzstan. Mr. Shavurov provides insight on expansion strategy, international operations, and user experience.

Aaron Jay Kleiman

Project Citizenship

Executive Team - Aaron Jay Kleiman

Aaron J. Kleiman is a HillVets Congressional Fellow and a United States Air Force Veteran serving in the U.S. Capitol working to empower, educate, and train America’s Veterans to work in government and run for public office. Prior to working in Congress, Aaron served as an Air Force Officer for twelve years, with six as a Special Operations Aviator. He has deployed to Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, including over 1000 combat flight hours in Afghanistan and Africa. Aaron is also a member of the Board of Directors for Project Citizenship, a Boston based non-profit focused on educating immigrants about the benefits of US citizenship, and to help eligible, legal permanent residents overcome barriers to naturalization by providing free assistance and support to those seeking U.S. citizenship. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur and the founder of Lunar Eagle Real Estate, a multi-state real estate and property management company.

Aaron holds a bachelor degree in Aviation Business Administration from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a master degree in Military Studies from American Military University, and a Master of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is married to Annie Kleiman and has a two-year-old daughter, Aurora.



Samuel H. Kim

Co-founder & President

Executive Team - Samuel H. Kim

Samuel H. Kim is the Co-founder and President of the Center for Asia Leadership, a group of international non-profit organizations that addresses public needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training and publication initiatives in the areas of public leadership, entrepreneurship and education in Asia. He currently leads the teaching team for the Asia Leadership Institute, where he teaches on the practice of negotiation, persuasion, perspective leadership, and innovation for adaptive change, and develops contents and programs that help build capacities among emerging young leaders to address and solve the challenges in Asia today.

Prior to establishing the Center in Boston and subsequently a regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in 2014 and 2015 respectively, Mr. Kim worked for 12 years in varying sectors from strategy consulting and social entrepreneurship to international development, politics and government.

Mr. Kim currently sits as board in three non-profit organizations. He has published four books which he edited, and is currently in the process of writing three books on topics of Discussion Leadership, Women and Leadership in Asia and the Fundamentals to Keeping Asia Competitive

He holds LL.B., MA and MPA.

John Lim
John Lim

Co-founder & Director of Asia Leadership Institute

Executive Team - John Lim

John Lim is the Co-founder and Director of International Affairs of the Center for Asia Leadership. A former English teacher in South Korea, he is an experienced program developer and coordinator of overseas education projects for international students. He has also worked at the International Crisis Group and the Embassy of Canada in Korea.

His work engages him in developing and organizing conferences, forums, and experiential learning programs in collaboration with companies, academia, school and student groups, and host organizations in Asia. He also conducts research and in various leadership, education, and entrepreneurial models and frameworks within the Asian context. He is currently in the process of writing a book on education in Asia and the need for 21st century skills and renewed public leadership.

Dr Gin Chee Tong

Chief of Staff

Executive Team - Samuel H. Kim

Dr Gin Chee Tong is Chief of Staff and Head of Strategy & Management. She has previously worked in corporate communications, public relations, and tertiary education.

An ardent student of the humanities, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) (Honours) in 2005, and received her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2012.

Dr Tong counts her family as her biggest supporters and sources of inspiration. When she is not at work, she can be found nose-deep in books, or traipsing halfway across the globe in search of new experiences.