Participant Testimonials


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Our favorite comments, reviews, and moments from all of you during our leadership programs.


It’s different. In school, we don’t get to learn about these things such as design thinking or adaptive leadership. Or even when go to forums we don’t learn about those things. But it’s very useful – things that we can use in our daily lives. Seriously, people can learn lots of life skills.

– Hyun Sung, 17, South Korea

This opportunity was a platform for me to understand more about American education and their perception towards learning. Americans are known to be very open, accepting and their education system is set in a way to produce an all-rounder. Well, at least that is the image that has been painted in my head by the media and my lecturers. During this camp, I actually experienced it.

Vidyasri Velloo, 18, Malaysia


What I learned about leadership through this workshop was that, a leader is not someone who could merely order others efficiently but one who could think of ways to create value and build trust with others.

– Kaori Hayashi, 17, Japan