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Asia Leadership Conference Summer 2018

 Asia Leadership Conference Summer 7 & 14 2018

by Rajeswari Rush Ramanee & Nirva’ana Delacruz

Every student nearing graduation day, may find himself asking the question “How ready am I to enter the 21st job market?” At the recently-held summer edition of Asia Leadership Conference 2018, which featured visiting Center for Asia Leadership fellows Evan Foggo, Matthew Turner, Arienne Calingo, and Anushka Ghosh, some 350 from the Sunway Education group, as well other institutions in Kuala Lumpur, found themselves finding some answers – and then some.

Rather than sit through yawn-inducing sessions, participants listened to quick and packed power sessions, inspired by the ultra-provocative TED talks, on critical thinking and problem solving. The theme “Personal Leadership: Tools and Strategies to Navigate Through Uncertain Times” is almost like a clarion call to young people to discover new perspectives and ways of doing things in step with the exponential transformations occurring in Asia.

More than just a diploma in a seemingly in-demand STEM course, the modern job market requires creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration – and yes, empathy. Some of the topics presented during the workshop part of the conference included:

  • “Creating Value Through Design Thinking”;
  • “Leadership Communication: Speaking For Change”;
  • “Empathy in a World of Apathy”;
  • “Can You Learn To Be Corrupt?

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