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Asia Union Leaders Summit 2018

 Building Bridges in a Fractured World

by Rajeswari Rush Ramanee 

What could be better than making friends with people from different countries while learning useful skills to help us find an inspirational path to the future? This year’s Asia Union Leaders Summit theme, “Building Bridges In A Fractured World” is indeed an inspirational theme for those who aspire to heal a fractured world one step at a time. Held at the Handong University in South Korea, it was attended by young representatives from different countries in the region as part of a 5-day, 4-night program.

Thirty-nine participants between the ages of 15 – 19 came from countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indian, Kazakhstan, China, India, and the United State. The plenary sessions focused on topics like adaptive leadership, design thinking, and leadership communications while topics presented at the workshops included authentic leadership and negotiation, speaking for change, creating value for design, and other professional development seminars. Visiting Center for Asia Leadership Fellows Arienne Calingo, Matthew Turner, Anushka Ghosh and Evan Foggo led the workshops while CAL’s Samuel Kim and John Lim led the plenary sessions as well as some of the workshops.

Some quotes from participants who attended the program:

“I really had a great time with all the new friends which I did make. I will remember my experiences in this program for a long time. Even the TAs were amazing. I enjoyed the late night research at the student lounge where lots of fun things happened while we learned together. I also enjoyed the excursions we had gone to Seoul” – Druv Mistry, India.

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