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Top-notch ‘leadership mentoring’ soon available to Sarawak youth

BANDAR SUNWAY — Center for Asia Leadership (CAL) in partnership with Kolej Sunway Kuching is bringing the “Ivy League university experience” of learning and change leadership to Sarawak students next month.

“Since last year, we’ve been developing our engagement in Sarawak and have been very pleased with our partners and collaborators, and we’re hoping to develop more programs there. We really hope that the local youth will be able to join these programs and develop their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills,” said Center for Asia Leadership Co-founder and Director of International Affairs, Faustino John Lim.

CAL’s Asia Leadership Conference (ALC) Personal Leadership: 21st Century Skills to Navigate through Changing Times will be happening on August 3 and 24, 2019 in Sibu and Kuching respectively. Kuching will also be hosting the Asia Leadership Youth (ALY) Camp, a deeper dive into leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills for young people, on August 13 to 17, 2019.

The conference and camp feature a mix of plenary sessions and interactive workshops facilitated by graduates from Harvard University, like Sarah K. Osborne, a project manager and international development specialist. Osborne has worked for one of the world’s largest international development contractors to manage the implementation of international development programs across sub-Saharan Africa funded by USAID, the World Bank, and UNICEF. Also facilitating some of the programs’ leadership workshops is Italian-born Stefano Zordan, who has worked with universities, companies, and the public sector to spread a more systemic vision of leadership via his own Adaptive Leadership firm. Three more Teaching Fellows from the U.S. and India join CAL’s fellowship this year.

Designed for youths aged between 15 – 20 years old, the ALC and ALY Camp provide workshops on:

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation
  • Leadership Communications: Speaking for Change
  • Design Thinking
  • Leading and Negotiation Across Boundaries

CAL’s summer youth programs emphasize leadership and entrepreneurship skills, aiming to future-proof Malaysian youth in an age of disruption and rapid change. According to an article by LinkedIn Learning, 2,000 business leaders surveyed said the top soft skills they looked for in employees are leadership, communication, and collaboration, among others.

“The Asia Leadership Youth Conference 2019: Personal Leadership: 21st Century Skills to Navigate through Changing Times” will be held in Kingwood Hotel, Sibu on August 3, 2019 and at the Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching on August 24, 2019 respectively.

Registration is RM300 per participant (regular rate). A group of a minimum of 50 participants may avail of the RM 250-group rate. All fees are exclusive of 6% SST. For more information, visit

Meanwhile, the Asia Leadership Youth Program will be held from August 13 to 17, 2019 in Kuching. The registration fee of RM2,000 per participant includes teaching materials, meals, and accommodations. For more information, visit

About the Center for Asia Leadership

Established in 2014, the Center for Asia Leadership is a group of non-profit organizations that aims to “address social needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training, and publications, all focused on social and public leadership, innovation, and educational practices” by bringing the best of leadership principles and practices on change-making from leading institutions to Asia.

Some 36,000 individuals across Asia have joined CAL’s programs — from students to senior- and mid-level managers.

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