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Investing in the future: CAL brings ‘Adaptive Leadership’ to Filipino scholars

MANILA, August 5, 2019 — Taking a quick break from giving leadership programs to senior and mid-level managers, the Center for Asia Leadership (CAL) is investing in the leaders of the future by organizing a conference featuring leadership and innovation frameworks and ideas from Ivy League universities, for more than two hundred Filipino scholars, on Aug. 8 in Taguig City. 

Carrying the theme “Tools and Strategies to Face a Complex and Uncertain World,” the Asia Leadership Youth Conference (ALYC) aims to expose participants, who wish to develop confidence in their leadership potential, to real-life leadership situations. The participants will get the chance to actively participate and engage with their peers and CAL Teaching Fellows  through a mixture of plenary sessions and interactive workshops. 

Initiating change in Asia

“The youth, making up about 19% of Asia-Pacific’s total population, have so much potential and capacity to initiate and manage change in their communities. We believe that investing in our youth will have a long-term positive impact [on] our region as a whole,” said CAL Co-founder and Director for International Affairs John Lim.

According to Lim, his main hope is that the ALYC, which is being co-presented by the Real LIFE Foundation, will be a unique venue for the 123 participating scholars to learn that “leadership is not defined by titles and positions, and that they have the power and platform to initiate change not only in their communities but also in their personal lives.”

Scheduled from 8:30am to 5:30pm at the Every Nation Building, Taguig City, the ALYC will feature sessions on Adaptive Leadership, Design Thinking, negotiation, Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation that will aim to equip university students, Real LIFE Foundation alumni, and coaches with 21st century core skills.

Top-notch Teaching Fellows 

Led by CAL Co-founder and Director of International Affairs Faustino John Lim, the program sessions will be taught by CAL Teaching Fellows who have graduated from Harvard University: Stefano Zordan, Codi Caton, Sarah Osborne, and Haley Burns. 

Stefano Zordan is a member of the Adaptive Leadership Network, a former talent & organization analyst at Accenture, and the editor of the Italian edition of The Practice of Adaptive Leadership. Codi Caton is a former Peace Corps volunteer to Ethiopia and an international communications coach. Meanwhile, Sarah Osborne is a project manager and development specialist who has managed programs across sub-Saharan Africa funded by USAID, the World Bank, and UNICEF. Lastly, Haley Burns is a speech and debate coach and an international educator who has worked with educational institutions in China, the U.S., and Cayman Islands. 

‘Addressing the core challenges of the 21st century’

The Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives (CALI) is a group of non-profit international organizations established in 2014 with the purpose of addressing social needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training and publications, all focused on social and public leadership, innovation, and educational practices. The idea of the Center was “sparked by the hope of connecting the vast educational resources at leading universities with individuals and organizations in Asia who are working to address the core challenges of our times.”

Today, CAL has worked with and served 36,000 individuals and more than 300 organizations by means of an expansive, regional network built across 72 cities in 32 countries in Asia. The Center currently has offices in Boston, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, and Manila.

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By Lee Jeannie & Nirva Delacruz 

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