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Our Initiatives

The Asia Leadership Institute offers Decision-makers and Emerging Leaders from government, civil society, and business access to the world’s cutting-edge leadership development and talent management programs.

Our Adaptive Leadership Signature Program provides (1) training, (2) coaching, and (3) consulting that enhance individual and organizational leadership capacities and competences for agility and renewal. It focuses on an identity reset, mindset shift, behavioral change as well as management system improvement, all aimed to assist the following: to respond more effectively to challenges and setbacks, to orchestrate necessary progress, and to anticipate and prepare for a future that is purposeful and intentional.

The Asia Leadership Trek provides a perspective-widening, first-hand understanding of the world, regional and local affairs—political, socioeconomic, and cultural—through (1) meetings and discussions with established leading-thinkers and decision-makers, and (2) community engagement programs throughout the Asian continent.

> Asia Leadership Trek (Harvard Scholars)
> Asia Innovation Trek (Public & Business Leaders)
> Global Leadership Trek (Asian Students)

Acumen Publishing facilitates (1) research, (2) content-building, and (3) dissemination of leading Asian-focused content on leadership in the form of books, cases, new articles, and op-eds. The contents reflect real-world cases and examples that government leaders, policymakers, educators, managers, entrepreneurs, and community-builders can draw important lessons that can offer novel and proven methods in the practice of leadership.

> Acumen Case Bank
> Acumen Publication

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