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Our Initiatives

The Asia Leadership Institute offers leaders and experienced managers from government, civil society, and business as well as aspiring youth, access to the world’s cutting-edge talent development programs, leadership training, and specialized educational experiences.

> Adaptive Leadership Signature Program
> Executive Leadership School
> Asian Leadership Conference
> Asia Leadership Forum
> Asia Leadership Youth Conference
> Asia Leadership Youth Camp
> Leadership in Development
> CALI Online Learning Platform

This Adaptive Leadership Development Initiative provides offline and online based (1) trainings, (2) conferences, and (3) consulting services that enhance individual and organizational leadership capacities and competences for agility and renewal. It focuses on mindset shift, and a wide selection of 21st core skills and expertise, all aimed to assist the following: to respond more effectively to challenges and setbacks, to orchestrate meaningful progress, and to invent a future that is purposeful and intentional.

The Asia Leadership Trek is a unique, overseas learning experience that brings participants to locations all across Asia and exposes them to important issues and cutting-edge ideas through engagement with political and business leaders, educational figures and entrepreneurs.

> Asia Leadership Trek (Harvard Scholars)
> Asia Innovation Trek (Public & Business Leaders)
> Global Leadership Trek (Asian Students)

This Global Leadership Development Initiative provides a perspective-widening, first-hand understanding of the world, regional and local affairs—political, socioeconomic, and cultural—through (1) meetings and discussions with established leading-thinkers and decision-makers, and (2) community engagement programs throughout the Asian continent and the US.

The Acumen Publishing produces content that addresses the transmission-heavy, rote-based model of education prevalent in many classrooms in Asia. The programs and contents are targeted towards government officials, policymakers, professors, teachers, and administrators who are looking for novel and proven methods in the science of teaching leadership.

> Acumen Case Bank
> Acumen Publication

This Leadership Content Development Initiative facilitates research, development, and dissemination of leading Asian-focused content on leadership in the form of books, cases, new articles, and op-eds.

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