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Our Philosophy

Values and Approach

Committed Presence and Partnership

We derive strength from building long-term connections, and seek sustainable solutions to generate creative thinking.

Promotion of Effective Leadership

We help leaders think and take actions on how they can be a linchpin to their community’s success and prosperity.

Constant Delivery of Best Practices

We make ceaseless efforts in the development and delivery of world-leading expertise that benefit organizations and communities.

The CALI Difference


Harvard-Developed Best Practices on Leadership

We design our initiatives to help leaders create impact for themselves, their organizations, and communities. Our leadership programs are developed as transformational experiences rooted in the very best teaching and learning practices within the context of today’s world described as VUCA. They are powered by contents developed and currently taught at world-renowned institutions such as Harvard and Stanford University, and are led by faculty and teaching fellows from these institutions who are committed to the practice of teaching as a means of promoting positive change.


Practice-Ready Pedagogical Approach

We are committed to accelerating the development of leaders who are primed to ignite long-lasting change. Participants of our initiatives develop dynamic leadership skill sets they can immediately apply to their career, workplace, and community by helping them know when and how to make effective breakthrough leadership interventions. They will also learn to tackle the toughest questions, solve complex problems, and lead across boundaries.


Head, Hands, and Heart

Our leadership philosophy is based on three fundamental ways in which we learn: knowledge enhancement, skill building, and mindset development.







Principles and Insights

Foundation of facts, truths, principles, and insights that are accurate, deep, and cutting-edge to drive progress and change.

Discovery and Creativity

Creation of original solutions to challenges and problems that are presented to them.

Motivation and Purpose

The spirit and mindset to contribute and add sustainable value to oneself, one’s organization, community, and the world.



Glocalized Contents for Asia

We work closely with members in our network, the Harvard community, as well as those across Asia, to conduct research and develop learning contents that are relevant to the region. Our publications, which cover world-leading best practices and instructive tools, serve a dual function: firstly, as to a channel to better our understanding of the challenges facing Asia and secondly, to empower leaders to form actionable insights and hone their leadership expertise in cross-cultural settings.


Harvard-proven Leadership Framework

We also work with our collaborators to conduct research and develop learning content that is relevant for the region.

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