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Our Story


Gil Alterovitz, Chairman

Recently, Asia has shown tremendous growth in economic development and political spheres. There has been great interest in learning about and truly understanding the many opportunities and challenges in Asia.

Today, Center for Asia Leadership stands as a group of non-profit international organizations that aims to address social needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training, and publications, all focused on social and public leadership, innovation, and educational practices. We do this by sharing what the members of the Center have garnered from some of the world’s leading institutions like Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

Ultimately, our passion is leadership. We believe that everyone is on a life-long leadership journey. The 42,000 individuals, across 83 cities in 31 countries primarily in Asia, who have joined our programs, are proof of this. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to help cultivate the leaders of today, and impact the emerging leaders of tomorrow.

Truly, the work of leadership is not just both thrilling and challenging, it’s life-changing. Join us as we continue mastering the mindsets and mechanisms of effective and innovative leadership, generating bold new ideas, and making them happen.We look forward to welcoming you in person.

Gil Alterovitz
Global Advisory Council Chair, CALI
Associate Professor and Director of Biomedical Cybernetics Laboratory, Harvard Medical School

Samuel Kim, President

Welcome to the Center for Asia Leadership!

It was with a blind leap of faith, a lot of daring, and hope for the future that myself and a group of friends from Harvard started the Center for Asia Initiatives in 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts. We began with organizing “treks,” study tours that brought graduate students to meet and learn from key figures and decision-makers in government, business, and social enterprises in countries all over Asia. The irresistible combination of high adventure, first-hand interviews, direct observations, and the novel sights and sounds of unfamiliar places made for a unique beyond-the-classroom learning experience.

Today, CALI does more than treks. We stand also committed to helping individuals and organizations in Asia who are wholeheartedly working to address the core challenges of our times, be it business, social, and policy matters. Through our works of research, training, and publications, we feel that we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to foster sustainable growth and forge a better future for all. It is our desire that individuals reach their full potential as strong, positive leaders—people who will commit their heads, hands, and hearts to advancing the social good.”

Samuel Kim
President, CALI
MPA, Harvard University

Regional Footprint

The Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives (CALI) is a group of non-profit international organizations established in 2014 with the purpose of addressing business, social, and policy challenges in Asia through research, development, training, and publications. The idea of the Center was sparked by the hope of connecting the vast educational resources at world-leading institutions with individuals and organizations in Asia who are working to address the core challenges of our times.

The Center currently runs under the guidance of 15 dedicated and social-minded stewards from 9 countries, working out of offices in Boston, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, and Manila. Among many other accomplishments, the Center has produced ten books: the 5-volume Rethinking Asia series; Finding the Leaders in Us: New Goals for the Future; Redefining Success: Learning to Lead for Change; Next Generation Leadership: Empower Youth to Shape the Future of Asia; Leaders in Development: Enhancing Your Leadership Effectiveness in a Changing World; Leadership That Triumphs: Moment of Greatness in the Work of Leadership; and many additional articles, opinion pieces, and editorials.

CALI established its first representative regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The KL office functions as the hub for strategy and management, recruitment and talent development for the Asia Leadership Institute; supplementary research under the Acumen Case Center; and operations for its Southeast Asia programming. The office is strategically located in KL Eco City, nearby the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Milestones and Achievements