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Adaptive Leadership: Leading Change for Organizational Renewal

We are living in an increasingly automated world where our lives and cultures are changing rapidly with disruptive technologies. Together with this, globalization also sets a stage for turbulent times where working professionals are faced with unprecedented upheavals and changes. It is imperative that organizations encourage their management staff to attend leadership programs that equips them with skills to counter these challenges expertly. Thus, our Adaptive Leadership program conducted by Harvard Kennedy School’s Professor Dean Williams is invested with strategies to solve complex organizational problems.

Thirty participants made their way to the Graduate Building Centre  at the Sunway University Campus from 13-15 March to learn how adaptive leadership tools such as leading with empathy, learning through self-reflection or correction, and looking at the big picture through the “balcony view” among others. Participants learned about influencing change that builds and enables the capacity of individuals and organizations to thrive even in tumultuous times.

At the completion of the workshop, participants were treated to an evening cocktail hour paired with a certification presentation ceremony.

by Rajeswari Rush Ramanee