Since 2014, the 1-day Asia Leadership Conference (ALC) has been an extraordinary platform to learn from scholars from Harvard University, Tufts Fletcher School of Law an Diplomacy, and other Ivy League universities. It is ideal for young leaders aged between 15 and 22 years old.

  • 10 June 2017

  • Sunway University

  • High School, College and University Students

Key Benefits

Through the program, participants will:

  • Learn tools for public speaking, conflict resolution, negotiation, or consensus-building
  • Engage in interactive learning experience that promotes problem solving and design thinking
  • Be exposed to stories, mindsets, and lessons on personal leadership



Facilitated by the visiting scholars, participants will engage in discussions on leadership specially customized for young leaders in Asia.

Topics include:

Global Change Agents

Overcoming Immunity to Change

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Tools for Solving Complex Problems

Building High-Impact Teams

Design Thinking

Building 21st Century Skills

Leading Diverse Teams

Adapting to Change

Lessons in Building a Startup

Art of Diplomacy: Negotiation Skills in the International Arena

Cross-Cultural Management

Leading Change through Followership

Developing a Roadmap for Your Personal Leadership Journey


These workshops are designed to advance participants’ ancillary capacities in verbal, written and professional areas by providing them with knowledge, best practices and skillsets that will help them in their personal and academic life.

Topics include:

Making a Great First Impression

How to Give an Effective Presentation

How to Give an Elevator Pitch

Networking 101

Bringing Your Story Alive: Connecting Your What to Your Why

How to Network Effectively

Building a Great Resume

Preparing for Interviews: Communicating Your Personal Brand

Managing Yourself: Putting ‘Development’ back into ‘Personal Development’

Managing Your Online Presence

Negotiation Tools for Everyday Situations


In this session, Teaching Fellows take the role of career counselors to guide participants on their current or future career paths through the sharing of personal and professional experiences.

Topics include:

International Organizations

Public Diplomacy



International Development

Tips for Picking the Right Career

Think Tank and Policy Research

Management Consulting

Job Searching in the Modern Age: Risks and Opportunities


The Dynamics of Policy Making: How Policies are Made


The scholars will present talks on personal leadership, innovative processes and global trends, and also share their own unique life stories to inspire participants.

PreU Asia Leadership Conference 2017

10 June 2017
Sunway University
High School, College and University Students