Since 2014, the 1-day Asia Leadership Conference (ALC) has been an extraordinary platform to learn from scholars from Harvard University, Tufts Fletcher School of Law an Diplomacy, and other Ivy League universities. It is ideal for young leaders aged between 15 and 22 years old.

Key Benefits

Through the program, participants will:

  • Learn tools for public speaking, conflict resolution, negotiation, or consensus-building
  • Engage in interactive learning experience that promotes problem solving and design thinking
  • Be exposed to stories, mindsets, and lessons on personal leadership



Facilitated by the visiting scholars, participants will engage in discussions on leadership specially customized for young leaders in Asia.

Topics include:

Introduction to Negotiation

Negotiation is often thought of as being in the realm of political and diplomatic leaders. But negotiation is a skill for one’s everyday life. This workshop introduces the fundamentals of negotiation analysis and practice, to help participants approach situations in personal and professional life more intentionally and intelligently.

Mobilizing Teams for Change

Difficult problems that a student faces in group projects, on a sports team, or in any aspect in life, are often difficult to solve solely by the person in charge. It requires the creativity, commitment, and courage of everyone involved in the problem. This workshop introduces participants to the adaptive leadership framework to help them develop strategies on how to lead in uncertain situations.

Unlocking the Diversity Code

Navigating groups and teams across cultural boundaries is critical for success in virtually any field, particularly in our increasingly globalized world. This workshop is designed to help participants navigate cultural nuances, become more adept at approaching and diagnosing challenges that arise from differences in culture and values, as well as practice cross-cultural competence through social learning exercises.

Managing Projects Strategically

Project management is the process to efficiently get things done, whether in a small club, a start-up, or within a large corporation. Without the mindset and skills to implement effective project management, things often fall into disarray and disorganization. This workshop will help participants accomplish the change they want to make, by examining the framework necessary to effectively develop strategy and implement it through projects.​

Creating Value Through Design Thinking

Design thinking is a practical and creative problem solving approach, with the intent of an improved future result. Through a mixture of classroom learning and offsite exercises, this workshop will provide participants with an overview of the design thinking process, to develop a bias towards action.

Building 21st Century Skills

The 21st century has brought a new kind of workplace, in which individuals are encountered with complex, multidisciplinary, open-ended problems that don’t come in multiple-choice formats or ready-made standard solutions. This workshop will enable participants to learn the mindsets and practice the skills needed to walk into professional settings and tackle complex problems.

Learning to Speak Your Mind

Leadership requires effective communications to engage and motivate stakeholders towards a shared goal. This workshop trains participants in the art of public speaking. Participants will learn principles of effective communications, including learning how to be fully present to your audience, and what mannerism to build confidence. They will also have opportunities to prepare and deliver a persuasive pitch.

Entrepreneurship Essentials for a Thriving Career

Entrepreneurship is often synonymous with starting a business. But entrepreneurship begins as a way of thinking strategically about any challenge. This workshop will engage participants in case study discussions to build contextualized and experiential knowledge in aspects of entrepreneurship and intrapraneurship, including how to position the product and source for sustainable funding and resources.


These workshops are designed to advance participants’ ancillary capacities in verbal, written and professional areas by providing them with knowledge, best practices and skillsets that will help them in their personal and academic life.

Topics may include:

Preparing for Interviews: Communicating Your Personal Brand

Using Stories to Persuade

Giving an Elevator Pitch

Making a Great First Impression

Building Your Online Brand

Principles of Persuasive Writing

Applying to US Universities: Building a Strategy for Your Application Process

Developing Financial Literacy


In this session, Teaching Fellows take the role of career counselors to guide participants on their current or future career paths through the sharing of personal and professional experiences.

Topics may include:


Non-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship


International Development and International Organizations

Design and Entrepreneurship

Think Tank and Policy Research

Medicine and Health Care

Finance and Government


The scholars will present talks on personal leadership, innovative processes and global trends, and also share their own unique life stories to inspire participants.

PreU Asia Leadership Conference 2017

1, 2, 15, 16, 23, and 30 July 2017
Sunway University
Pre-University Students