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10 Things to Do Before You’re 30 – Part 2

By CAL Founding President Samuel Kim In conjunction with the first five of the ’10 Things to Do Before You’re 30’ shared last week, the next set of five are the following:  Develop 5 Most Compelling Stories that Represent You Best. When I was a

What Does a Win-Win Negotiation Look Like?

Whether you are lobbying for more budget for learning and development or getting buy-in for a new employee engagement platform, negotiating in this new normal can be more challenging than before. Learn how to create value through negotiation and get a win-win outcome in this

10 Things to Do Before You’re 30 – Part 1

By CAL Founding President Samuel Kim As I mulled over the accomplishments and challenges, I recalled a journey entry I made in 2006 titled ’10 Things to Do Before I am 30.’ I remember writing it as a late 20s young man stuck in a

What Leading Change Means in Our World Today

By CAL Founding President Samuel Kim The world is facing unprecedented challenges—growing income inequality, economic uncertainties, political instability, the refugee crisis, and climate change, among others. Advances in technology have accelerated globalization, affecting the pace at which we work, live and connect with one another.

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3 Tips to Lead Without Authority

With the shift to agile and project-based teams, exercising leadership through influence rather than authority has become a game-changing skill. Here are some tips to learn this from Genentech Manager and CAL Coach Daria Istrate (Harvard MBA). If you are interested to bring a leadership

Top Tips to Refuel Your Tank to Perform and Grow

Research shows that people suffering from emotional exhaustion experience higher levels of work-life conflict, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Learn practical tips to refuel your “well-being tank” from CAL Teaching Faculty, Social Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach Ami Valdemoro (Harvard MPP). If you are