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Design Thinking: 3 Ways to Rapidly Adapt to Disruptions

By Signo Uddenberg, Stanford d.School Coach and Director of Innovation at MKThink In a recent McKinsey survey, senior leaders of global companies agree that the ongoing crisis will continue to disrupt the business landscape in the next 5 years. To respond to the changes that leaders will face,

The Leadership Imperative: 4C-Culture to Drive Us Forward

By CAL Founding President Samuel Kim (Harvard MPA) How has your organizational culture changed since the pandemic? In a corporate survey of over 2K professionals, 37% said their workplace culture improved vs 15% who said it deteriorated. If you are part of the latter, here are some practical

The Future and Purpose Are Indispensable To Each Other

By Nishith Jain Over the years, I have been trying to delve into these questions: ‘Why do we work?’ ‘What are the motivations and aspirations that drive people to work and to contribute to their organization’s success?’ The answer I eventually landed with was the

Ways to Outsmart the Job Market

By Daria Istrate, Genentech-Roche Group Manager, CAL Coach, & Co-author of the “The Future of Work: How to Prepare for It” Today’s cycle of innovation is shorter than ever before, and this increases the risk of disruption in any industry. With every great disruption there

The Future of Work is Transforming—Are You?

Nishith Jain, Senior Director of ServiceNow and 4th Asia Leadership Forum Speaker The IR 4.0 will integrate AI into society. Coupled with other emerging technologies like robotic process automation, augmented reality, natural language processing, and cloud technology, AI will transform fields of human activity ranging

Where do we go from here?

Ami Valdemoro (Harvard MPP), CAL Teaching Faculty, Social Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach  This article was originally published in The Manila Times. LET’s start with some facts: We are more than 15 months into this pandemic. We can see glimmers of light piercing through the dark

The Three Central Pillars of Leadership Development

Nupur Todi (Harvard Ed.M.), Leadership Development Consultant When you do something long enough, you will eventually start seeing patterns in your work. In this chapter, I will share the story of my efforts as a leadership development consultant and learning-design expert, focusing on emerging patterns.

How Do We Define the Future?

Samuel Kim (Harvard MPA), Founding President of the Center for Asia Leadership There isn’t just one way to understand and define the future, as the paths leading us on from the present are numerous. Reading through dozens of articles and analyses that offered a wide