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A Critical Attribute of a Future-Ready Citizen

Claudine Fernandez, Ed.M., Harvard University; Founder, Artistic Strategies Academy Singapore           Empathy might be the single most important characteristic of a successful individual in today’s world and the world of the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a test of humankind’s

Are You Anchored to Your Values and Aspirations?

Jane Jiyoung Park, Musician, Entrepreneur & Mother of Three           It is important to have a guiding star that shows you where to go when you feel lost. Everyone gets worn out sometimes and feels ill-equipped to face life’s daunting responsibilities.

Develop a Customer-First Business Strategy

Jennifer Hurford, MBA/MPP, Harvard Business School Senior management should keep a close eye on what the customer wants. Don’t design what you want your company to put out in the world; instead solve a problem for your customers. If you don’t take people with you

7 Ways Leaders Can Promote Equality in the Workplace

Justin Hartley; Harvard MPA; Oxford MSc; Founder & CEO, Model Leadership This article provides a male perspective on the representation of women as leaders around the world. The opportunity to contribute, in a small way, to the discussion of such an important topic is a

How Can We Re-Imagine Leadership Development? (Part 1 of 4)

Learn about the evolving trends that are affecting the workplace in this first article of a four-part series on how we can re-imagine leadership development, by Nupur Todi, Ed.M., Harvard University; Head Learning and Leadership Development, Providence India           Leadership development