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Innovation@Work Asia

HR leaders have been critical to their organisations’ ability to respond with agility and to innovate with resilience during the covid-19 crisis. What lies ahead as the world of work continues to evolve? Can innovative practices and technologies used during this time last?

Innovation@Work looks at hiring, onboarding and retention practices to find out if incentives have changed. How have organisations responded to issues around employee well-being, diversity and equity in the workplace?

Explore current thinking on managing employee engagement and performance in the world of work and find out how initiatives can offer competitive advantages in a tight labour market. What is the HR leader’s role in this? How has the strategic role of HR leaders evolved?

Who should attend?

  • Chief digital officers, chief innovation officers, chief technology officers, chief information officers, chief transformation officers, chief strategy officers driving digital transformation.
  • Chief human resource officers, chief people officers, chief talent officers, chief diversity officers, chief inclusion officers, chief work officers looking after company’s culture and employees’ well-being.
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Chief executive officers, chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, chief operations officers.
  • Future of work influencers, authors, philanthropists, mental health ambassadors.