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LEARNTech Asia Conference 2021

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted every aspect of our lives, especially the way we work, is an understatement.

Between 2019 and 2021, the number of unemployed people increased from 187.3 million to 220.5 million, across the globe. Nonetheless, this number is expected to fall to approximately 205 million, in 2022. Whatever the numbers may be, it is evident that countries and companies need to prioritize the improvement of their human capital for a new economy and workplace.

Learning, skilling, and training are at the heart of the new labor market. The new learning and development approach aims to address the jobs that no longer exist, the skills gap and mismatch between the existing workforce and future jobs, and the great resignation of 2021.

As such, the LEARNTech Asia Conference 2021 seeks to provide future-ready opportunities for companies and individuals to meet the great demand of the new labor market. Over the span of two days, industry experts from across the globe will share their insights on a virtual platform.

Who should attend?

Corporate L&D, HR professionals, decision-makers, learning technology & HR practitioners, CHROs, Senior eLearning executives, management professionals, and eLearning professionals.

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