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Power, Influence & Authority: Achieving Your Objectives in Organizations

This leadership program is designed to help senior level working professionals develop their capacity to influence others, navigate organizational politics, and transform their environment – for the purpose of getting things done in their organizations. Using frameworks, tactical approaches, and simulation exercises taught at Harvard Kennedy and Harvard Business School – participants will gain an understanding of power and influence dynamics, using them as effective tools for analyzing their surroundings and achieving their goals. By the end of this program, participants will internalize a framework for understanding power and influence, practice diagnostic skills that will help them map out their political landscape and its power bases, and develop strategies and communication techniques for building and exercising power and influence ethically and responsibly.

The program covers the nature of power and influence in personal relationships and in organizations. The first day focuses on learning how to build and leverage your personal, positional, and relational sources of power through influence tactics vis-à-vis individual needs and situational contexts. Participants will practice principles of persuasion through a communication exercise, garnering feedback on their communication skills.

The second day will address how power and influence shows itself in organizations. Effective working professionals must be able to read and diagnose the political landscape in organizations. Participants will engage in an exercise that enables them to map out the power and influence dynamics in their own organizations. They will consider strategies on how to effectively and ethically build credibility while building their power base over time. Finally, participants will engage in a simulation that helps them practice their new skills in the challenge of change leadership within an organization.

  • Through the program, participants will: 
    • Internalize a framework for understanding power, influence, and principles of persuasion.
    • Gain an understanding of their own personal, positional, and relational sources of power and develop strategies to expand their own power bases.
    • Build a toolkit of influence tactics, credibility building measures, and persuasion techniques while understanding how they might be used in various situation.
    • Develop their own strategy for building and exercising power, leadership, and influence ethically and responsibly in their organization or community.

Samuel Hungsoo Kim



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Samuel Hungsoo Kim