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Leading Adaptively Beyond COVID-19

The truth is, not every company will survive the COVID-19 crisis. Is your organization’s leaders doing what needs to be done today to be able to thrive tomorrow? We’re making selected resources free to support the next generation of adaptive leaders.

Adaptive Leader Webinar Series

In the Adaptive Leader Webinar Series, CAL faculty, speakers and alumni from Harvard and other world-leading institutions share bite-sized insights and actionable tips on how to lead adaptively in a time of hyper-uncertainty.

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Customized Online Blended Learning Programs

Transform your in-person training to online learning. Learn about customized in-house or online blended learning program for your organization.

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CAL Online

From Adaptive Leadership to Design Thinking, we’re making our popular courses completely free.

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In this episode of the Future of Work Webinar Series, we interview Leadership Coach Laura Thompson  (INSEAD EMP). Based on years of experience as a certified Executive Leadership Coach, Mentor, and purpose-driven Strategic Advisor, Laura will share the first principles of mindful communication - the three levels of speaking and listening; self-awareness and mindfulness; as well as the art of civility. She will then demonstrate communication practices that you can use to reflect and incorporate to help you live the life you desire both personally and professionally.