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Orianne Montaubin




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Orianne Montaubin

Orianne Montaubin is currently a first year student at Harvard Business School. She holds a dual degree from the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with Distinction in neurobiology and with Honors in philosophy. As a definition “Third Culture Kid,” she grew up living in nine different countries, spanning three continents. Her background paired with her undergraduate studies taught her the value of fast-adaptation in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized. She has thus made it her mission to use her passion for neurobiology combined with insights from philosophy to inspire international communication, international education, and international understanding. After graduating, Orianne worked as a consultant in the Middle East in the public sector. Her focus was on negotiation, strategic implementation of public policies, and large-scale sectoral transformations. She believes that a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals of human behavior allows for more effective leadership. As such, while pursuing her MBA, she is also researching how emotional and communication cues affect judgement and decision-making.