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Shazia Khan




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Shazia Khan

Shazia Khan has a graduate degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. With close to a decade of progressive work experience spanning public and private sectors, Shazia brings a wealth of experience to CALI.
Shazia’s most recent professional experience was as a Country Manager for Fulbright in Pakistan, where she helped promote U.S. Department of State educational and cultural goals in a complex political landscape. In this role, Shazia interacted with Pakistani students and young professionals across the country, guiding them towards fulfilling their academic and professional aspirations. Through various training workshops, seminars, and professional development opportunities, Shazia helped thousands of Pakistanis secure competitive admission, scholarships, and overall career advancement. Shazia managed a team of 14 educational advisers and interacted with key U.S. Embassy and Government of Pakistan contacts, facilitating interaction and the formation of partnerships between academic institutions across the two countries. In 2011, Shazia brought a first of its kind U.S. recruitment delegation to Pakistan, a tour that has now become an annual feature.
Prior to her time in Pakistan, Shazia served in various business strategy roles in New York City. Her work spanned financial planning, marketing, and product development with increasing managerial responsibilities. Shazia’s time in New York helped her develop a keen sense of financial accountability and an appreciation for private sector practices that have shaped her work in the public non-profit sector.
Shazia’s personal interests span the creative arts; she likes to paint and has acted in numerous plays internationally taking on lead roles since 2004. In 2010 Shazia released a debut music album with her band ‘Such’ (which means ‘truth’ in her native language, Urdu). Shazia enjoys traveling, meeting new people, trying new food, and sharing her passion for the field of education.