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CAL to head ‘Future of Work’ research initiative in Singapore

There is no stopping the “Future of Work,” and the Center for Asia Leadership (CAL) is bridging the gap so people can learn about it firsthand. For the first time, CAL has organized a research and learning trip for fifteen young scholars on the emerging realities of future productivity, culture, skills, and capabilities, in Singapore from Dec. 29 to Jan. 4.

Innovation Workshop Aims to Reskill Malaysia Professionals for IR 4.0

What skills will companies need to thrive in IR 4.0? Gain innovation skills at this Design Thinking workshop on Nov. 28-29, 2019 in Kuching, Malaysia.

How I Found the ‘It’ Factor for Success

I like the way I am. I’m comfortable not standing out, without fighting for attention. A camp experience though, especially with such a provocative theme, “Do You Have It?” is bound to reveal what’s important, crucial even, in getting ahead.

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I crushed self-doubt by crushing fear of failure

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Any story which doesn’t have all three is unfinished, unsatisfactory, an inappropriate cliffhanger – or all three at once. As a self-proclaimed poet, you would think that I’d be more familiar with these three steps, and yet, wracked by self-doubt, I still struggle with crafting the perfect ending.

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Future-proofing your organization? Learn secrets of agility from this course

Does the secret to priming your team for an uncertain future lie in technical skills? Or soft skills? Or both?

3 Ways Cross-Training Could Nudge Your Company’s Succession Planning

Isn’t it so tempting to relax on a luscious bed of status quo? Projected growth looks promising; profit margins are healthy; employees are happy; customers are happier.

Investing in the future: CAL brings ‘Adaptive Leadership’ to Filipino scholars

Taking a quick break from giving leadership programs to senior and mid-level managers, the Center for Asia Leadership (CAL) is investing in the leaders of the future by organizing a conference featuring leadership and innovation frameworks and ideas from Ivy League universities, for more than a hundred Filipino scholars, on Aug. 8 in Taguig City.