Asia Leadership Trek Series
  • Rethinking Asia 5: Realities & Aspirations for the New Eurasia (2019)
  • Rethinking Asia 4: Why Asia is Hopeful (2018)
  • Rethinking Asia 3: Political and Social Change (2017)
  • Rethinking Asia 2: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (2016)
  • Rethinking Asia 1: Education and Innovation (2014)
Asia Leadership Institute Chronicles
  • Leadership That Triumphs: Moments of Greatness in the Work of Leadership (2018)
  • Leaders in Development: Enhancing Your Leadership Effectiveness in a Changing World (2017)
  • Next Generation Leadership: Empowering Youth to Shape the Future of Asia (2017)
  • Redefining Success: Learning to Lead for Change (2016)
  • Finding the Leaders in Us: New Goals for the Future (2016)



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