Leadership in Practice

by Ginchee Tong

As part of its commitment to raise the most capable and ethical individuals and organizations to contribute positively in their respective communities, from July 17-21, 2017, the Center for Asia Leadership organized the “Executive Leadership School: Harvard’s Way of Developing a Talent” to disseminate world leading best practices on leadership.

Sixteen participants from different industries, including property, construction, hospitality and medical, attended the five-day leadership program facilitated by five Teaching Fellows, among them Ami Jean Valdemoro from the Harvard Kennedy School, Craig Brimhall from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Helen van Baal from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, Dr Namit Choksi from the Harvard School of Public Health, and Panche Kralev from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Under the guidance of the Teaching Fellows, the participants were exposed to public speaking, adaptive leadership, and design thinking as crucial leadership competencies for the new Asia. They also learned important life skills including how to maintain work-life-balance, the importance of followership, managing conflict, making the right decision and how to network to leave a positive first impression.