Perceptions of Creativity in Asia

Buchbinder, who served as a Design Leadership Consultant at the Stanford Design School, shares her experience teaching Asian youth about creative confidence during the Asia Leadership Youth (ALY) Camp in 2015. The full chapter Perceptions of Creativity in Asia can be found in the book Rethinking Asia 2: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.  

Negotiation: Key to win-win situations

It’s all about finding ways to make a “bigger pie” for everybody to enjoy. Negotiation is key and it involves “active listening.” Interestingly, a huge part of negotiation is listening on a deeper and more intuitive level to what motivates people and groups. While concrete factors like profit or ROI are easily quantifiable, many negotiations hinge on understanding psychological needs like individuals’ need for independence, personal agency, or recognition.

Seek First to Understand

“Personal Leadership: Ethics, Power, and Decision Making,” organized by the Center for Asia Leadership, Dr. Ng shows the contrast between Machiavelli’s and Descartes’ modes of political maneuvering. The following is an excerpt of Dr. Ng’s essay.