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Opportunities at CAL

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Our team consists of individuals with networks in virtually every country in Asia with backgrounds in politics, public service, diplomacy, academia, consulting, and finance, among others. We have been engaged in grassroots social entrepreneurial initiatives in such areas as improving public leadership, making growth inclusive, reforming education, capacity building, and advocacy work.

Employment at the Center for Asia Leadership provides exciting and intellectually stimulating opportunities. CAL staff members are expected to be adaptable, entrepreneurial, hands-on, while maintaining a high sense of professionalism. They should have a strong, natural interest for social, economic, and political issues across Asia with the passion to carry out leadership and social entrepreneurial ventures.

Thank you for your interest in a career opportunity with the Center for Asia Leadership.

Fellowship Opportunities

We periodically seek individuals for our Asia Leadership Institute winter and summer teaching fellowship programs.

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Internship Opportunities

We offer highly motivated young people opportunities to gain practical skills in a broad range of disciplines and more.

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