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Acumen Case Center

The Acumen Publishing offers programs and contents that address the transmission-heavy, rote-based model of education prevalent in many classrooms in Asia. The programs and contents are targeted towards government officials, policy makers, professors, teachers, and administrators, who are looking for novel and proven methods in the science of teaching, seeking to raise their teaching capacities, and create a culture for entrepreneurial and innovative teaching practices.

AP focuses firstly, on promoting two methods of teaching and learning: the Case Method, a unique pedagogical approach widely employed at Harvard University, and the Harkness Method used by numerous renowned secondary schools across the U.S. The Case Development Program was established to develop a comprehensive collection of teaching materials, cases, and exercises on compelling topics coming from Asia on a wide range of issues from corporate, non-profit, community development, and ethics.

The goal is to provide a high quality set of innovative teaching materials to assist in unlocking individual and team’s creative potential, to structure team roles to maximize potential, to communicate and advocate for change persuasively, and to create a positive and supportive team culture. For individuals, they will experience an enhancement in developing a higher-order thought process. For teams, they will see how building high impact teams affect their performances and outcomes.