Asia Union Leaders Summit 2015
  • March 13-15, 2018

  • Sunway University, Malaysia

  • RM8,268 (includes 6% GST)

  • Limited to 40 seats. Program is HRDF-claimable

  • Working professionals, government officials, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, with minimum 10 years of working experience

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Content Overview

In today’s turbulent period of globalization, working professionals are faced with unprecedented upheavals and disruptive changes marred by the daily challenges of group dynamics and global forces. Old models of leadership are no longer sufficient to deal with complex, interdependent problems which are abundant in a globalized world.

To respond to these challenges and turn downsides into upsides require creative thinking and a new framework for the exercise of leadership.

This program is designed to help you exercise leadership as a change agent that can cross boundaries and build bridges. You will learn the adaptive leadership paradigm taught at professional graduate schools at Harvard, including Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Graduate School of Education, to develop the capacity for leadership that goes far beyond managerial expertise into the realm of generating creative problem solving.

In this program, you will undergo plenary sessions with the teaching faculty from Harvard. You will be taught strategies to solve complex organizational problems, and be provoked to think deeply and broadly about your position of influence at the work place, and the impact your decisions may have on yourself and the organization.

You will also learn best practices to deal with the unpredictable as the norm, how to inspire others to transcend parochial habits and mind-sets, how to orchestrate adaptive and creative problem solving, how to help chart a new course while preserving current value, and how to mobilize others to produce breakthrough results that go beyond what is currently imagined or foreseen.

By the end of the program, you will come to appreciate that leading in the face of uncertainty is creative work; one that requires innovative responses, bold actions, imagination, and true courage. You will also be equipped with new knowledge on how to exercise leadership in a way that generates value across different sectors and disciplines, through identifying which values, practices, and priorities to cherish and promote to support the work of change, and which will need to be modified or discarded to achieve an outcome that is good for others.


Through the program, you will:

    • Learn to orchestrate a process of adaptive change in times of uncertainty
    • Learn methods to develop skills to build a collaborative workplace
    • Learn how to orchestrate a new way of operating that is purposeful and intentional
    • Learn how to manage stress and losses associated with change
    • Learn how to be creative in how you lead
    • Be exposed to real-world problems that impact local dynamics
    • Gain the framework of becoming effective change agents in a dynamic world