Asia Union Leaders Summit 2015
  • July 10-14, 2017

  • Sunway International School, Bandar Sunway

  • RM4,800 (limited to 60 participants) / Early payment of RM3,800 before April 30

  • High school and college students

Content Overview

High school students are at a juncture in which their decisions, attitudes, and habits play a critical role in shaping the rest of their lives. Many youths face particular challenges as their society evolves against a modern, global context.

Self-awareness is the foundation for a fulfilling life, a growth mindset, and an effective leadership style. This 5-day residential leadership program exposes students to varied leadership paradigms for personal growth. Through the plenary sessions, they will discover their hidden strengths and address shortcomings to build a healthier selfworth.

They will learn how individual development, motivation, and mentorship can be tied together to improve leadership development. By identifying what is holding oneself back from achieving one’s goals, participants will gain an awareness of their own values and how they can contribute in their future endeavors.

The program also includes interactive workshops to help participants develop practical skills to thrive and lead in school, and later, in their future workplace environment. They will undergo in-depth processes to understand themselves better, and gain know-how to work with others to bring about positive change. By engaging with the Teaching Fellows, they will be armed with an authentic, transformational leadership outlook, approach, and style that offers the opportunity to transform their own leadership path.

The program closes with a session on community service to inculcate feelings of empathy and character building.

By the end of the program, participants will have developed a deeper understanding of who they are, gained clarification on where they are in life, and what they desire and value. They will also have learned how to realize their hidden potential and move forward in a direction aligned with those desires and goals.


Through the program, participants will:

  • Develop new skills to maximize your potential
  • Develop a powerful personal brand as a highly dedicated, capable, effective and ethical leader of the next generation
  • Build pathways for success
  • Learn to apply new skills, strategies, and framework on your future path in real time to make an immediate impact on your academic trajectory
  • Acquire skill-building and confidence-building for greater academic empowerment

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