Global Leadership Congress: Asia Innovation Program 2018

  • Asia Innovation Program: An Introduction to Design Thinking: Developing a Leadership Toolkit for Change and Innovation

  • August 18 – 19, 2018

  • Jubilee Christian Academy, Quezon City, Philippines

  • Secondary / College Students



Sometimes being ‘smart’ is not enough. You can be successful in school but still be unable to create something of value in the real world. People believe that the most effective and implementable ideas come from the most brilliant minds coupled with the most resources. That is not necessarily the case.

Design Thinking & Innovation Bootcamp: A Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs is the core module of a 2-day program designed for learners who seek to be introduced to the creative mindset and skills of an entrepreneur. The challenge that the learner will be presented include, but are not limited to products, services, or experiences. The program includes interactive lectures that highlight the key pillars of the design process.

Participants will listen to special talks that draw on personal experience, cases, and discussion while inculcating the design process of empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. Participants will also engage in guided exercises from the Stanford Design School in which participants practice the tools and concepts that support the design process and cull observations and insights for solutions they are trying to find in the marketplace or within their community.

This learning experience is designed to transform the way learners see themselves and the world around them. By the end of the program, learners will come out with a prototype of a solution, whether it be a business plan or policy paper. They will also be more confident in their ability to make change and excited to tackle the challenges they, their school, community, or future company will face.

21st Century Skills Workshop Series
Aside from the core module, participants will also have the opportunity to take one supplementary workshop series on the topics of Strategic Communications for Change and Innovation OR Leading and Negotiating for Innovative Results.

Workshop A: Strategic Communications for Change and Innovation Leadership requires effective communications to engage and motivate stakeholders towards change and innovation. Participants will learn the principles of effective communications, including learning how to be fully present to your audience, and what mannerisms to build confidence. They will also have opportunities to prepare and deliver a persuasive pitch.

Workshop B: Leading and Negotiating for Innovative Results Although we negotiate all the time, most know very little about the strategy and psychology of
effective negotiations. This workshop train participants with powerful frameworks needed to develop innovative solutions to common negotiation problems, as well as practicing the confidence and mindset to approach uncertainty and create new value. The workshop includes Harvard-inspired negotiation simulations and role-playing exercises.


Through the program, you will:
• Develop new skills to maximize your potential through interactive workshops based on teaching and research from Harvard University and Stanford University
• Develop an innovative problem solving mindset that is foundational for an aspiring entrepreneur
• Learn strategies of communication and/or negotiation to effectively reach out to stakeholders, accelerate personal learning, and drive collaboration
• Acquire skill-building and confidence-building for greater academic empowerment

Teaching Faculty

Samuel Hungsoo Kim, is the Co-founder and President of the Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives. His work at CALI has helped it to reach over 16,000 individuals in 22 countries through 80 conferences and leadership programs. He holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is the editor of nine books and regularly writes opinion pieces and editorials. He has worked for and with over 30 renowned organizations, including the United Nations, UNESCO, Samsung, and Toyota.

Faustino John Lim is the Co-founder and Director of International Affairs of CALI. His team developed a Harvard University student project into a full fledged leadership training and research organization that has benefited over 18,000 individuals in 22 countries through over 80 conferences and leadership programs. He also pioneered the Center’s research and publication arm, advising the interviewing agenda of over 100 minister or director-level individuals from the public and private sector, which has resulted in five published books. He also established the Asia Leadership Institute, mentoring and coaching over 30 Teaching Fellows from Harvard and Stanford Universities. A former fellow of the Harvard University Asia Center, he has worked in diverse organizations including the Embassy of Canada in Korea, and the International Crisis Group.

Arienne Calingo is an alumna of the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a degree in International Education Policy. A former lecturer of Arabic language and Middle Eastern culture at Holy Angel University in the Philippines, Arienne is also the founder of LEAD: Leaders in Education, Advocacy, and Diversity, collaborating with local citizens to create education programs impacting the lives of over 5000 street children and indigenous Aeta children in the Philippine province of Pampanga. As a social entrepreneur and education advocate, Arienne has given talks on cultural diplomacy, diversity and inclusion, and international higher education at such venues as Harvard University, Georgetown University, Office of the Higher Education Commission of Thailand, Fulbright Thailand, and the British Council. She is the first woman to serve as EducationUSA Ambassador for the U.S. Embassy in Manila, having completed her undergraduate degree with honors from Georgetown University. Besides her extensive work in education, Arienne is a graphic designer, award-winning poet, inspirational speaker, ballerina, violinist, and self-taught pianist. She is left handed and, like most left-handed individuals, loves viewing the world through a creative lens.

Matthew Turner is a professional trainer and community organizer with over ten years of international experience in community building and education. As a local university faculty member under the auspices of the United States Peace Corps in the Ukraine, he chaired programs and meetings among 10 community groups to promote civil society, he led the leadership programming for secondary school students, and led USAID-funded health and wellness camps for over 200 middle school students. While in Kazakhstan also under the U.S. Peace Corps, he supported strategic planning efforts while directing camps for local youth. In the United States and Chinese Taiwan, he designed and directed various language programs for business professionals and students, as well as training programs for teachers. While at Harvard University, he trained under Professor of Education Leadership Monica Higgins. Matthew holds an M.A. in International Education Policy from Harvard University.

Evan Foggo is a trainer and international relations professional, specializing in the practice of negotiation. A Navy veteran and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, he is a current graduate student at the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Evan served as a Battalion S1 for the U.S. Navy, entrusted with the readiness and task completion of over 500 cadets in four different companies. During NATO combat operations in 2011, Evan was responsible for executing communication assignments in Libya for the Joint Force Command Headquarters in Naples, Italy. After his military career, Evan served as a Middle School Social Studies and History Teacher, in Norfolk, Academy, a rigorous independent chartered school in Norfolk, Virginia. He is an avid coach who has mentored over 100 athletes in football, wrestling, and golf.

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