Asia Union Leaders Summit 2015
  • November 7-9, 2017

  • Sunway University, Malaysia

  • RM7,800 (limited to 60 participants)

  • Working professionals, government officials, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, with minimum 10 years of working experience

Content Overview

Leadership in a crisis situation is very different from leadership in a time of normal conditions. Economic instability, political turbulence, social turmoil and climate change; these are but some of the global events that have thrown present-day leadership into a morass of uncertainty and chaos.

For the uninitiated, practicing leadership in the 21st century appears to be a most difficult task; however, it is not impossible. This program is designed to equip you with strategies and best practices to generate innovation, growth and sustainability at the workplace to move efficiently and effectively into uncharted territories. It deviates from a typical leadership development program that focuses primarily on building a distinct set of skills and tactics; instead, this program pushes you to reflect on your deepest assumptions and most strongly held values, and to
consider how your values and beliefs may have limited you in the past.

The program applies leadership frameworks taught at professional graduate schools at Harvard, such as Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, to help you develop exceptional leadership and change agent skills. You will be tasked to look beyond formulating quick technical solutions that act as band aids to deeper organizational challenges. Instead, you will be expected to examine yourself and the competing commitments and loyalties in your organization or community, to identify remedies to achieve positive change.

Through plenary sessions with the teaching faculty from Harvard, you will be discussing issues like creating and claiming value, understanding the relationship between leadership and authority, exercising influence, and managing the individual and institutional dynamics of change. You will also explore a wide range of leadership strategies and new ways of exercising leadership, whether in a position of authority or just as a member of a group.

By confronting the dangers and risks associated with exercising leadership, you will learn how to build up your capacity to navigate unpredictable situations.

By the end of the program, you will be armed with fresh perspectives on how to initiate new ways to implement bold novel actions, and deliver results during these often overwhelming moments of ‘crisis’. You will also develop the skills needed to mobilize the others to solve difficult problems, and build meaningful and authentic partnerships.


Through the program, you will:

    • Learn how to maintain positive and trustworthy relationships with stakeholders even in times of crisis
    • Learn how to maintain morale and mitigate unethical conduct
    • Learn how to build a thriving ground for staff to perform positively at the workplace
    • Be exposed to varied ethical and mental traits
    • Gain the understanding to build strong and rewarding personal relationships
    • Sharpen your analytic skills to capitalize on growth opportunities and avoid necessary mistakes
    • Have a clear articulation of your organization’s competitive advantages and a powerful, long-term action plan