Sustainable Leadership: Reengineering Sustainability As An Engine For Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Global Change Agent Module 2 – Sustainable Leadership: Reengineering Sustainability As An Engine For Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • May 18, 2018

  • Sunway University, Malaysia

  • RM3,500 per participant (limited to 40 participants) / Application Deadline: April 30, 2018

  • Working professionals in decision-making roles, government officials, community leaders, and entrepreneurs.

  • +603-7491-8716 / 17

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Content Overview

Humanity is living in a state of unsustainability. We use more energy than we produce, use more fresh water than natural systems can provide; create air pollution detrimental to own health and consume material goods more than we can recycle. Ironically, we also use more energy to fight these problems, further intensifying our energy deficits.
The problem which the West started will now be exacerbated by the East, which is poised for economic growth and the cycle will continue. The good news is that sustainability is a new engine of innovation and entrepreneurship. There is an opportunity to radically rethink and reengineer the world’s economies to connect back to the world’s ecologies for sustainable co-existence.
In this program, we will define the problems and the methodologies, including design-thinking, that entrepreneurs and civic leaders are using to rapidly find and deploy solutions. We will learn their frameworks for identifying the right problems to solve and align their values to the path forward. We will delve into case studies revealing the insights and work behind their solutions and develop creative solutions based on that by committing to prototypes that we can test for our own communities and businesses, moving information into action.
At the end of the program you will have the terminology, methodology, and prototype ready to immediately start a path towards creating sustainable innovation. Whether you are an entrepreneur or intrapraneur looking for the next marketable solution to launch or improve a business in a new sustainable economy, or a civic leader looking to position your community for longevity and resilience, this workshop will help launch you into those new opportunities.


Through the program, you will:

  • Learn the terminology of sustainability to understand its implications and opportunities
  • Learn from best in-class case studies of entrepreneurs, intrapraneurs, and civic leaders leading the way into a sustainable economy
  • Learn how to build a thriving ground for staff to perform positively at the workplace
  • Be exposed to ethical and mental traits practiced by leaders in sustainability
  • Sharpen your analytical skills to capitalize on growth opportunities and avoid unnecessary mistakes
  • Have a clear articulation of your organization’s competitive advantages and a powerful, long-term action plan
Teaching Faculty

Christoph Frehsee is a Lecturer at Stanford University, currently teaching the course, New Frontiers and Opportunities in Sustainability. He is also Co-founder and President of sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand, Amour Vert. In 2004, he began his career as founder of Minewolf Systems, the world’s leading provider of mechanical landmine clearing solutions. He oversaw operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and eventually sold the company in 2008. At Amour Vert, he is committed to bringing sustainability to the forefront of the fashion industry, by maintaining supply chain integrity and reducing the brand’s environmental impact. A passionate angel investor, Christoph has an MBA and MS in Environment and Resources from Stanford University.

Signo Uddenberg has a background in sustainable engineering and human-centered design, specifically studying effects of environments on people’s feelings, behavior, and performance. He led the Innovation and Experience Design practices at MKThink, a San Francisco-based intelligent firm as well as at Cintra and 2Seeds Network, a global food infrastructure network. He holds a BA in Natural Science from Pepperdine University, a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern California and a MS in Sustainable Design & Construction from Stanford University, where he also coaches and develops programs at the

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