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Justin Hartley



Justin Hartley

Founder and CEO, Country Director
Hartley Communication, ANZ Region

Justin Hartley is a leadership specialist in  Self-Leadership and Leadership Communication & Influence. 

Awarded a prestigious international scholarship to Harvard and made a Harvard Kennedy Fellow, Justin specialized in authentic leadership, persuasion and communication, excelling as a graduate, teaching fellow, research scholar and research fellow.  

His coaching combines the best content from three years at Harvard with 20 years international ‘blue chip’ multi-sector experience and relevant lived experiences, where he overcame many failures and much adversity.

Justin’s previous experience includes being Vice-President of an International investment bank; co-founding Australia’s first not-for-profit helping children suffering from persistent pain; five years in central London supporting people actively suicidal; working in the media as a memory expert; and three years as a full-time primary caregiver for an immediate family member who suffered Alzheimer’s disease. 

Justin has travelled to more than 70 countries, has achieved physical feats requiring great mental strength, is a former Guinness World Record Holder in memory and competed at both Mental Calculation and Memory World Championships. At Harvard, he was awarded the highest outright score for a public speech in course history and voted one of the most persuasive scholars.

A published author, coach, trainer, scholar and keynote speaker, his friendly and approachable style is sought after internationally including by Prime Ministers and Presidential candidates. He is excited to deliver his unique, practical and effective leadership coaching to you.