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Samuel H. Kim



Samuel H. Kim

Co-founder and President
Director of Boston, Kuala Lumpur & Seoul Offices

Samuel H. Kim is the Founding President of the Center for Asia Leadership, where he oversees over 50 projects annually. The Center’s mission is to help key leaders and decision-makers in the international, political, business, educational, and non-profit spheres in Asia build robust frameworks, devise effective policies, and formulate new strategies for increasing their communities’ growth and sustainability. Using a combination of research, teaching, coaching, and consulting, Samuel and his team help their clients redefine their goals and priorities by analyzing the cultural and systemic influences affecting their communities, and the key trends and drivers determining their future. To date, some 50,000 individuals from 400 organizations in 31 countries have benefitted from Samuel’s work at the Center. The United Nations, the World Health Organization, Samsung, Toyota, GSK, ASML, Ayala, Accenture, and the Malaysian Central Bank are among the many organizations he has collaborated with.

In addition to his work for the Center, he co-leads the annual Asian Leadership Conference and Asia Leadership Forum, in which over 350 global leaders representing 280 entities from 70 countries, along with 3,000 in-person and over 100,000 online participants, join forces to discuss solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Joko Widodo, Narendra Modi, and Barack Obama are among the past speakers for the conferences. Samuel foresees these events eventually becoming Asia’s version of the World Economic Forum.

Prior to establishing the Center, Samuel worked for fifteen years in a wide range of sectors, ranging from strategy consulting, social entrepreneurship, and international development to politics, the military, and Korea’s national government. Samuel has served as a Fellow at Harvard University’s Asia Center and at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He holds an MPA from Harvard, an MA from Seoul National, and an LLB from Handong Universities. He has edited fourteen books to date, covering a wide range of topics, including political reform, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic development, education, the future of work, and women’s leadership.