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Ursula DeYoung



Ursula DeYoung

Head, Publication Affairs

Ursula DeYoung lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She earned her undergraduate degree in History and Literature from Harvard, she went on to study for her doctorate in History at Oxford, focusing on 19th-century British scientists and their impact on society. In 2011, Palgrave Macmillan published her first nonfiction book, A Vision of Modern Science, on the physicist John Tyndall. In addition to writing fiction, she is the founding editor of Embark: A Literary Journal for Novelists, which features the openings of unpublished novels. Issued twice a year, Embark showcases fine writing from every genre. The authors’ statements that accompany the novel openings offer fascinating windows into the working lives of today’s up-and-coming novelists. Ursula teaches at GrubStreet in Boston, one of America’s foremost creative-writing centers. She offers a series of seminars on the craft of novel-writing and leads regular multi-week workshops on the Novel In Progress. Currently, she is a part-time staff overseeing the Acumen Publishing publications.