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Executive Coaching for Decision-makers


Executive Leadership Coaching provides leaders with the tools and guidance to address changes, face conflict, communicate more effectively, and ultimately, drive transformation in the workplace.

With a worldwide network of experienced coaches from over 30 industries to guide the growth of leaders, the center’s coaches will function as partners who will walk alongside your leaders as they learn to live out their own values and aspirations. To achieve this, we focus on having proactive conversations during executive coaching training to help leaders go deeper and reach higher to meet their potential.

Leadership can be collective and collaborative

Carried out either one-on-one or in teams, our executive leadership program will merge action with aspiration by pushing leaders to explore different strategies and support structures they need to succeed both professionally and personally:

  1. Professionally: To identify and define leadership challenges, generating powerful solutions, and managing the process of adaptation for the organization or community’s survival and growth.
  2. Personally: To identify internal barriers to self-improvement and change, and help leaders reach their personal goals and aspirations.

Coaches and leaders will work together to fill in the gaps with knowledge and a practical framework to resolve issues with strategic and creative solutions. With a systematic plan in place, leaders will be able to mitigate risk and realize benefits, feel more comfortable when faced with uncertainty, and be able to communicate with the intent to convey strategies for transformation.

The CALI Coaching Difference

Specialization in 4 Areas

10 Stellar Coaches with Experiences in Over 30 Industries Across 6 Continents

Harvard-Developed Methodology: Inquiry-Driven and Deductive-Reasoning Approach

Our Center’s Longstanding & Proven Track Record In Coaching

Our Center’s Priority and Commitment to Advance the Public Interest

Expanding Skills and Knowledge in More Areas Than One

In today’s business and societal landscape, emerging and senior decision makers need to meet requirements and address multifaceted challenges never before faced by previous leaders. Our executive coaching program tackles four main areas of renewal and growth to develop successful leaders capable of confronting conflict and challenges:

  1. Systemic challenges and changes
  2. Personal leadership capacity-building
  3. Organizational and personal future-readiness
  4. Social responsibility practices

Areas of Coaching

Systemic Challenges and Changes

  • Challenge Diagnosis & Prognosis
  • Governance
  • Maladaptive Cultures
  • Reactive Response Mechanisms
  • Politics & Silos
  • Generation Gap
  • Gender Dynamics
  • Immunity to Change
  • Work Avoidance Mechanisms

Personal Leadership Capacity-building

  • Mindset & Behavioral Reset
  • Decision-making
  • Communication: Messaging, Delivery, Narrative, Cross-cultural
  • The True North
  • Self-Awareness & Discipline
  • Brittleness Syndrome
  • Generational & Gender Gap
  • Women Leadership

Organizational & Personal Future-Readiness

  • Major Trends/Forces & Impacts Analysis
  • Strategic Forecasting
  • Scenario Planning
  • Best Practice/ Technology Adoptions
  • Future-Ready Workforce Program Design
  • Disruption/Crisis Management

Social Responsibility Practices

  • CSV-Creating Shared Values
  • CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ESG-Environmental, Social & Governance
  • SDG-Sustainable Development Goals
  • Entrepreneurship & Start-ups
  • High-Trust Institution & Ethics
  • Community-building

Our Methodology

Our methodology comprises of 5 reiterative stages taking into account context, defining problems, generating solutions, leadership work, and debrief and reflection.

Pre-Coaching Consultations

  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews if needed

Coaching Sessions

Sessions are conducted

  • In-Person or Virtual
  • 1-on-1 or Small Group (<4)
  • 5-10 sessions
  • 5 Reiterative Stages: Context, Problem Definition, Solution Generation, Leadership Work, Debrief
  • Strict Confidentiality

Post-Coaching Assessment

  • Impact Questionnaires
  • Debrief
  • Recommendations

Coaching Council Members

Our People_Website_520x520_Sam-01

Samuel Hungsoo Kim

Founding President, CALI
MPA, Harvard University
Worked For/With 30+ Organizations

Expertise: Future of Work; Interpersonal Dynamics; Leadership: Decision-making, Challenge Diagnosis & Prognosis, Negotiations, Cross-cultural Communication
Industry: Government, Politics, Business Organizations in Difficulties

Laura Thompson

Founder, Laura Thompson Coaching
Co-author, RA7: Future of Work

Expertise: Women & Leadership, Brittleness Syndrome, Communication, Self-Awareness
Industry: Multinationals based in Asia; Asian Companies Based in the West


Rahul Daswani

Deputy Director, GovTech Singapore
Teaching Faculty, CALI
Former Consultant, McKinsey
Former Futurist, Singapore Prime Minister’s Office
Co-author, RA5: How Leadership Can Be Taught
MPP, Harvard University

Expertise: Future of Work; Organizational Readiness: Challenge Diagnosis & Prognosis
Industry: Government, Technology, Consulting, Startups, Business

Junko Yoda

Co-founder of CLinked
Teaching Faculty, CALI
Former Asia Pacific Treasurer, Goldman Sachs & Deutsche Bank
ALI Fellow, Harvard University

Expertise: Women & Leadership, Brittleness Syndrome, Communication, Personal Leadership & True North, Self-Awareness
Industry: Finance & Investment, Non-Profit, Social Enterprise

Our People_Website_520x520_Ami-01

Ami Valdemoro

Founder, Three Point Ventures
Teaching Faculty, CALI
Co-author, RA4: Why Asia Is Hopeful
MPP, Harvard University

Expertise: OR—Gender, Brittleness Syndrome, Immunity to Change; SL—Challenge Diagnosis & Prognosis, Communication, True North, Women; SR
Industry: Non-Profits, Social Enterprise, CSR, Education

Daria Istrate

Director, Genentech
Teaching Faculty, CALI
Co-author, RA7: Future of Work
MBA, Harvard University

Expertise: Future of Work; Women & Leadership
Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Consulting, Non-Profit

Our People_Website_520x520_Justin-01

Justin Hartley

CEO, Hartley Communications
Teaching Faculty, CALI
Guinness Record Holder in Memorization
Co-author, RA7: Future of Work
MPA, Harvard University/Oxford University

Expertise: Communication, Personal Leadership & True North, Brittleness Syndrome, Self-Awareness & Discipline
Industry: Consulting, Investment, Politics, Business, Education

Nishith Jain

Director, ServiceNow
Co-author, RA7: Future of Work
MBA, IIM-Bangalore

Expertise: Future of Work; Decision-making, Communication, Personal Leadership & True North
Industry: Technology, Consulting, Investment

Our People_Website_520x520_jeffrey-01

Jeffrey Lamb

Consultant, United Nations Development Programme
Teaching Faculty, CALI
MPA, Harvard University

Expertise: SL; SR
Industry: Grassroots Movements, Policy Formulation, Government Administration: Infrastructure, Education, Social Welfare Policies

Xue Jiang

Founder, Growth in Transition
Former MBA Career Coach, UC Berkeley Haas
20+ Years of Global Experience in 6 Countries in Asia, North America, and Europe
Ed.M. Harvard University; MBA, IAE Aix France

Expertise: Future of Work, Future-ready Workforce Design, Immunity to Change Coaching, Leadership: Challenge Diagnosis, Cross-cultural Communication, Self-Awareness, Negotiation, Women & Leadership
Industry: Higher Education, Multinational Organizations, Engineering

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