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Custom Programs



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The Center for Asia Leadership is uniquely positioned to partner with you to design and deliver results-driven learning solutions that address your organization’s unique objectives. We offer custom in-person and online programs to organizations from business, government, civil society, and academia – providing junior- to senior-level working professionals as well as aspiring youth access to the world’s cutting-edge talent development programs, leadership training, and specialized educational experiences.

These programs are carefully designed in close collaboration with your organization to meet the specific training needs and professional development goals of your employees, clients, or networks.

1) Identify Your Organization’s Needs

We will conduct surveys and focus group discussions with key stakeholders to fully understand:

  • The state of the business, strengths, challenges and opportunities, and the organizational culture
  • Program objectives and desired outcomes
  • Desired areas of focus and priorities, target audience, and timing
  • How to incorporate the program into the organization’s broader leadership development process and goals.

2) Design the Program Experience

We will customize the program to meet your learning needs to:

  • Confirm program architecture (e.g., format, dates, and duration)
  • Refine areas of focus and priorities
  • Finalize cohort size
  • Outline how the program [and its goals] will be described to participants.

3) Collaborative Implementation: Before, During, and After

  • Before the program even begins, we communicate with participants to build excitement, set expectations, and assign any work to be done in advance
  • Next, we deliver the academically rigorous curriculum and support participants throughout the program, both on-campus and online
  • Following each program, we capture participant feedback, conduct a client debriefing, and refine content as needed for future sessions and modules
  1. Harvard-Developed Best Practices on Leadership
  2. Practice-Ready Pedagogical Approach
  3. Head, Hands, and Heart
  4. Glocalized Contents for Asia
  5. Harvard-proven Leadership Framework
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Accenture Philippines, one of the country’s largest employers with over 60,000 staff, called on the Center for Asia Leadership to engage its senior managers on a framework to practice and implement adaptive and agile leadership in their organization.

Alibaba Global Leadership Academy

Alibaba commissioned the Center’s Asia Leadership Trek to conduct seminars on “design thinking” and “overcoming your personal leadership obstacles” for Alibaba Global Leadership Academy representatives in Hangzhou, China.

Sunway Corporation Malaysia

Sunway Group, a conglomerate involved in 12 industries, engages our Center for the Group’s leadership and innovation training needs; our Center supports the Sunway Education Group (SEG) to help position SEG as a leading knowledge and innovation hub in Malaysia through the hosting of regional conferences on leadership and innovation.

German Corporation for International Cooperation

Our Center works with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) to train senior professionals in multiple Central Asian countries, in the field of leadership and change management, as they engage in the complex work of sustainable and climate sensitive land use.


In its efforts to develop the social leadership and social innovation foundation of young professionals and youth in South Korea, the Center’s Asia Leadership Trek collaborated with Samsung, to deliver workshops and seminars led by Harvard Faculty and scholars.

The Star Malaysia

As Partner to Malaysia’s largest English-language daily, the Center supports The Star in its efforts to develop the base of global expert knowledge and innovative practices for the Malaysian public through jointly-run conferences, workshops, and seminars.

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