The Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives (CALI) is a group of non-profit international organizations established in 2014 with the purpose of addressing social needs and problems in Asia through research, development, training, and publications, all focused on social and public leadership, innovation, and educational practices. The idea of the Center was sparked by the hope of connecting the vast educational resources of various world’s leading institutions with individuals and organizations in Asia who are working to address the core challenges of our times.

We believe that becoming an agent of change is not an easy task; it requires thinking deeply and broadly about our responsibility and service to our communities, and the possible impacts of our interventions. It entails mastering the mindset and mechanisms of effective and innovative leadership, generating bold new ideas, and making them happen. It requires us to identify opportunities and turn them into benefits for our society. This is where the Center’s work lies, to assist and empower individuals, organizations, and governmental bodies in Asia to play more active and meaningful leadership roles in their communities.

Today, the Center is proud to have worked with and served 36,000 individuals and over 300 organizations by means of an expansive and integrated regional network that the Center has built across 72 cities in 32 countries in Asia. The Center currently runs under the guidance of 15 dedicated and social-minded stewards from 9 countries, working out of offices in Boston, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, and Manila. Among many other accomplishments, the Center has produced ten books: the 5-volume Rethinking Asia series; Finding the Leaders in Us: New Goals for the Future; Redefining Success: Learning to Lead for Change; Next Generation Leadership: Empower Youth to Shape the Future of Asia; Leaders in Development: Enhancing Your Leadership Effectiveness in a Changing World; Leadership That Triumphs: Moment of Greatness in the Work of Leadership; and many additional articles, opinion pieces, and editorials.


The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation has played a crucial role in Malaysian education, bringing quality higher learning to our community and country. It has significantly changed the education landscape, having pioneered and popularised industry-changing developments such as the widely acclaimed twinning programmes in Malaysia. Sunway institutions have successfully produced first-class graduates through partnerships with top-ranking universities from around the world. Enrolment numbers in Sunway institutions have grown steadily year after year; today, the institutions comprise 30,000 students, of which approximately 25% are international students coming from 80 different countries.