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Asia Leadership Forum: Leading beyond Covid

IT’S you versus the virus. How will you reinvent yourself to lead beyond the crisis?

In our new Covid reality, the decisions we make today will have an indelible impact on our lives for years to come.

But lacking vision and a reliable playbook, nearly everything we foresee is cloaked in uncertainty while our choices carry the heaviness of risk.

This crucible experience can paralyse us. But it can also compel us to grow and reinvent ourselves.

Reinventing yourself as a leader

When the pandemic disrupted the operations at the Center for Asia Leadership (CAL) – they refocused their energy on helping leaders make sense of the future and lead beyond the pandemic.

The first initiative involved a research project and webinar series that directly shaped the design of their learning programmes. CAL engaged over 200 business leaders, representing 10 countries and 25 industries through surveys and focus group discussions.

Their most prevalent findings were strategy-related: how to use strategic foresight when planning for the future; people-related: maintaining morale, learning, and productivity in new roles and work arrangements; and technology-related: how to leverage technology in adapting new business models for the new normal.

The second initiative involved the research and publication of a book adapted for the Covid era: The Future of Work: How To Prepare For It, published in August 2020.

Authored by 11 thought leaders from Harvard and other world-leading institutions, the book covers high-level topics such as “future of work” trends shaped by Covid and strategies to create a future-ready workforce; as well as down-to-earth subjects for individuals such as building an entrepreneurial mindset to control your fate and ways to outsmart the job market.

Building a learning community to lead beyond the crisis

With their flagship event in Malaysia postponed in May 2020, CAL sought an opportunity to redesign this programme to benefit more leaders while connecting them to a larger community.

Today, the Asia Leadership Forum will take place on Nov 16-21,2020, in collaboration with Star Media Group Bhd, as a virtual platform with the new theme, “The World After Covid: How To Lead Adaptively Beyond the Crisis”. CAL’s vision is to see you reinvent yourself to lead beyond the crisis.

At this newly-designed forum, CAL seeks to provide a vehicle to help you connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals across Asia and the world; as well as provide a pathway to help your teams regroup and explore how you might tackle the great business, social, and policy challenges ahead of you.

Speakers from Harvard will share technology, business, and social megatrends in the Covid era, while illustrating frameworks on adaptive leadership, futures thinking, embedding innovation into your organisation, self-leadership during crucible moments, and other mindsets and skills to confront uncertainty.

Simultaneously, local practitioners from business, the government and NGOs, will share best practices and models they have developed over the last six months, with the purpose of helping inspire you, filling knowledge gaps, and generating better ideas to help you better face disruption.

On the last day of the forum, participants will engage in live online roundtables with both speakers and practitioners.

CAL hopes is to nurture a supportive learning community that crosses boundaries and mobilises diverse groups to advance progress during these tough times.

Harvard speakers

The forum speakers are an engaging mix of thought leaders from Harvard University and other world-leading institutions and diverse industries.

They include Former Associate Dean of the Harvard Chan School of Public Health David Shore; Co-Director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University Dana Born; Founder of the Institute for the Future of Learning and Harvard Lecturer Julie Wilson; Harvard University Professor of History and Public Policy Moshik Temkin; Harvard Kennedy School Lecturer in Public Policy Steven Jarding; Founding President of the Center for Asia Leadership Samuel Kim (pix); Former Faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School Dean Williams; Futurist and Head of People & Culture at GovTech Singapore Rahul Daswani; Harvard University Advanced Leadership Fellow and Former Head of Deutsche Bank in APAC Junko Yoda; CEO of Coaching for Global Change Laura Thompson; and Leadership Coach and Social Entrepreneur Ami Valdemoro, among others.


Online registration is available at Registration fees inclusive of tax are currently at a sale price of RM105 for basic passes, and RM130 for premium passes until Sept 30.

If you come from a verifiable non-profit organisation or would like to sponsor a group package, please contact us for discounted group rates. For more information, contact alf@asia-leadership-2023.local.