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CAL Organizes Year-Round Programs to Build Leadership Capabilities

The Center for Asia Leadership (CAL) acknowledges the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century and continue to play a role in equipping today’s youth and professionals with the crucial tools and knowledge needed to address uncertainties and complex issues of our time.

Youth are the future leaders of tomorrow and play and important role in contributing to the growth of a nation. This year’s Asia Union Leaders Summit will be held from July 24-28 in Seoul, Korea to offer the young generation with an opportunity to channel their energy and enthusiasm toward positive outcomes that have the potential to ignite change in their communities. Modeled after the U.S. Congress and Law Making and Adaptive Leadership courses at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the Asia Union Leaders Summit will enable youth from all over Asia to acquire crucial skillsets to better understand and tackle problems caused by the changing geopolitical and socioeconomic landscape in the region. The five-day program encourages participants to unleash their leadership potential through discussions, simulations and skill-building workshops with their peers from various backgrounds and countries across Asia, under the guidance of Teaching Fellows from renowned universities in the U.S. including Harvard, Northwestern and Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Meanwhile, young working professionals can look forward to gaining fresh insights to exercise leadership in today’s complex workplace through the “Harvard’s Way of Developing a Talent: Harnessing Strengths and Passion to Sustain Leadership Presence” program from July 17-21, 2017. Through this program, participants will learn how everyone regardless of position can be a leader and mobilize others to embrace change and tackle challenges that it brings. The five-day leadership program will expose participants to different approaches to leadership through a mix of plenary sessions and interactive workshops. Teaching Fellows from leading universities including Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard School of Public Health, Northwestern, Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and Imperial College London will be guiding the participants to discover the concept of real leadership and examine essential skills needed to grow in an organization such as entrepreneurial mindsets, effective communication skills and teamwork.

Besides that, CAL understands the demands of senior management teams across different organizations from various fields who face many unique challenges at the workplace as the world is becoming increasingly globalized. The fast-changing world affects the way we interact, work and live. Everything that happens around the world may cause unexpected impacts elsewhere. As global citizens, the challenges that we face are becoming more intertwined with the systems that connect us all. The “Adaptive Leadership: Leading Change for Organizational Renewal” program, led by Professor Dean Williams who is a leading authority on adaptive leadership will expose participants to skills and techniques that can help them navigate today’s complex world. Held from August 1-3, 2017, the three-day program allows participants to discover how they can exercise leadership as change agents to develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving capabilities in the workplace.

CAL will continue to conduct programs with the aim of improving people’s leadership skills and help them to identify opportunities in challenging times as part of the Center’s commitment toward providing the public with fresh perspectives on leadership that will help them enhance their professional and personal lives.

by Ida Fazila