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Business Intelligence

Want win-win solutions? Try empathy

At the heart of Design Thinking is empathy. What drives the other parts of the process – from prototyping to iteration – is a desire to give a seriously impactful solution to a seriously problematic pain point. And the beauty of Design Thinking and empathy is that it can be applied to increasingly sophisticated areas from products and services to culture, policies, interactions, and experiences.  

Reflections on Design Thinking in Asia

The following is an excerpt from design thinker and educator Helen van Baal’s essay “Reflections on Design Thinking in Asia” from the book Rethinking Asia: Why Asia is Hopeful, published by the Acumen Publishing under the Center for Asia Leadership. A visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art and the programme lead at the HPI School of Design Thinking (d-school), van Baal shares about her experience teaching design thinking and leadership to high school students who joined the Asia Union Leaders Summit in Korea in 2017.  

The Deeper Purpose of Creativity

The following passage is an excerpt from the chapter, “Discovering Creativity in Asia”, by Raymond Ko, from the CALI Press-published book: Experiencing Asia: New Perspectives. He recounts the experiences of two students who both struggled with exams and encountering creativity. The first is during his experience as an undergraduate student at Tsinghua University; the second is his encounter with a student at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity during the Asia Leadership Trek 2014.