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Future of Work

Disrupt Yourself and Your Business Before You Get Disrupted

Research shows that disruption can, in fact, be predicted. This makes it easier for companies to create spaces and a culture in the organization that is ready to face disruption and rapid change. Through the case of Robi, the second largest Bangladeshi telecom operator, she outlined how empowering small teams to make quick decisions can shift the power structure of an organization and make employees feel heard.

The Nature of Change: Why Companies Need to Adapt or Die

Center for Asia Leadership Teaching Fellow Craig Brimhall is one of those inquisitive minds looking deeper into the principles of and insights into the nature of change and why it’s imperative for organizations to adapt. Brimhall is a Business Instructional Designer and former Design Thinking Consultant. He is also a current doctoral student at the University of Utah where his research focuses on organizational transformation; and holds a Master’s Degree on the Mind, Brain, and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.