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How Nuclear Power Can Save The World?

Oliver Stone, Film Director 

        Renowned Hollywood director Oliver Stone, known for his films addressing the Vietnam War, such as “Platoon” and “Born on the Fourth of July,” has received two Academy Awards for Best Director. Stone’s works, including “JFK,” “Nixon,” and “Snowden,” often convey social messages.

        Director Stone believes that Nuclear power is an effective way to combat climate change since it can provide low-cost, reliable, large-scale electricity without emitting greenhouse gases, which are a key contributor to global warming. Although some anti-nuclear environmentalists have exposed the risks of nuclear power, director Stone thinks that these accusations are exaggerated.

        Stone turned his attention to nuclear power due to his concern about the climate crisis. He believes nuclear power is the most efficient, safe, and clean energy source. Stone argues that while renewable energy sources like solar and wind are discussed as solutions, they have limitations and lower efficiency. He highlights Germany as an example and praises South Korea’s nuclear power construction capabilities.

        Stone acknowledges safety concerns but points out that historically, nuclear accidents have caused fewer deaths than accidents related to coal or oil. He believes that with proper management and advanced technologies, nuclear power can be safe and secure.

        The director premiered his film, originally titled “Nuclear,” at the Venice International Film Festival. However, before its screening at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the title was changed to “Nuclear Now!” The film received significant attention and drew a full audience.

        In summary, Stone advocates for nuclear power as a vital solution to the climate crisis and recognizes its potential when managed safely.

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