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In a Divided World, We Must Empathize to Heal

          In a Divided World, We Must Empathize to Heal On the first day of the Asian Leadership Conference 2022 (ALC), Korean-American musical actor Michael Lee stated, “If we can understand others, our world will begin to heal.” He emphasized the principles and importance of empathy to the audience. Recalling a time when his dreams were not acknowledged by those around him, he said, “Many opposed my decision to become an actor, but deep down, I knew there was purpose in acting.” Born in New York and majoring in psychology at Stanford University’s pre-med program,

          Lee unexpectedly became a musical actor in 1995 during his senior year of college. He has since received much love for his roles in musicals. Lee stated that the essence of being a good actor lies in empathy. “To become a good actor, I had to find strengths in every character, including villains.'” He also discussed the necessity of empathy in today’s world, saying, “The world is divided today, and without empathy for others’ goals and obstacles, there will only be endless division.”

          He particularly emphasized the need for people who strive to empathize with others, saying, “There has never been a time when actors, or people who empathize with others like actors do, were more needed.” He added, “There are urgent issues worldwide such as war, equality, and climate change. We must strive to understand others to create a better world.”

          Michael Lee, a well-known figure in the world of musical theater, emphasized the critical role of empathy in healing our divided society. Reflecting on his own journey as an actor and the power of understanding others, he urged individuals to actively empathize with those around them. Lee’s words resonate profoundly in today’s world, where conflicts and urgent global challenges persist. By embracing empathy and striving to comprehend the perspectives of others, we can pave the way towards a more united and compassionate world.

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