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Navigating Global Cooperation and Innovation

        Bang Sang-hoon, President & CEO of Chosun Ilbo delivered a poignant message during his opening remarks at the Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) emphasizing the imperative to find avenues of cooperation and innovation amidst the current global upheaval.

        He underscored the pressing challenges stemming from the pandemic’s aftermath, stressing the urgency to move beyond past conflicts and embrace new paradigms of cooperation and innovation.

        He elaborated on recent diplomatic efforts, including the establishment of the ‘Washington Declaration’ by President Yoon Suk-yeol of South Korea during his visit to the United States. He also expressed optimism about the restoration of shuttle diplomacy between South Korea and Japan, foreseeing a new era of enhanced collaboration across various fronts.

        “In our pursuit of stronger trilateral ties, we must not overlook the vital role of closer cooperation with neighboring countries, notably China,” he stressed. “This collaborative approach is indispensable for realizing our shared objectives and ensuring lasting peace and prosperity in the region.”

        He urged all global leaders all diverse sectors, to unite their wisdom and efforts toward ushering in a prosperous new era.

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