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Redefining the Role of Marketing: Insights from Samsung’s First Female President

          Lee Young-hee, the first female president of Samsung Electronics, shares her journey and marketing wisdom at the 14th Asian Leadership Conference.

          In a candid conversation at the 14th Asian Leadership Conference, Lee Young-hee, the groundbreaking first female president of Samsung Electronics, unveiled the secrets behind her historic ascent and shed light on the dynamic world of marketing.

          Unlocking Success: A Journey from Marketer to Tech Leader

          Reflecting on her remarkable journey, Lee Young-hee emphasized that breaking gender barriers in a technology company wasn’t as challenging as finding innovative ways to contribute as a marketer. She extended her advice to aspiring women in the industry, urging them to embrace confidence and carve out their unique value propositions. Having joined Samsung in 2007 with a marketing background from multinational giant L’Oréal, Lee spearheaded the global marketing efforts for the Galaxy smartphone, contributing significantly to its worldwide success. Her promotion to president in the 2023 reshuffle marked a historic moment, making her the first female president in Samsung’s 53-year history.

          Redefining Marketing in the Era of AI and Unpredictable Trends

          Lee delivered an engaging lecture on ‘Redefining the Role of Marketing,’ addressing the transformative impact of artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and the unpredictable twists in customer and market trends post-COVID-19. She stressed the importance of marketers adapting to these changes, redefining their role to ensure continued corporate growth. At the core of her vision for the future of marketing is a customer-centric approach. She emphasized the need for marketers to evolve relationships with customers throughout their lifecycle, ensuring they remain agile and responsive. Lee introduced a dedicated team within Samsung Global Marketing focused on expanding and enhancing customer experiences.

          Understanding MZ: A Deep Dive into Millennial and Gen Z Values

          Lee underscored the significance of understanding the values and behaviors of the MZ (Millennial and Generation Z) generation. To facilitate this understanding, Samsung established the Future Generations Research Institute in 2021, bringing together diverse employees from ten countries. She highlighted sustainability and social responsibility as pivotal values for the MZ generation, influencing their brand choices as much as price and quality.

          Beyond Profit: The Social Responsibility of Marketing

          In her closing remarks, Lee passionately emphasized that for companies to thrive, they must embrace responsibilities to both customers and society. She articulated a vision where marketing, beyond being a tool for commercial success, becomes a catalyst for positive change. Through the right marketing approaches, she envisions helping individuals unleash their potential, contribute to environmental conservation, and collectively shape a better tomorrow. Lee Young-hee’s insights transcend traditional marketing paradigms, offering a roadmap for success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

          Lee Young-hee’s journey from marketer to Samsung’s first female president stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and the transformative power of marketing in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Her insightful perspectives shared provide not just a glimpse into her personal achievements, but also a roadmap for aspiring leaders and marketers navigating the challenges of today’s dynamic business world. From emphasizing the importance of a customer-centric approach to understanding and aligning with the values of the MZ generation, Lee’s leadership transcends conventional boundaries. As she envisions marketing not just as a tool for profit but as a force for positive change, her legacy extends beyond corporate success, echoing a commitment to societal responsibility and a brighter, more sustainable future.

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